Using US Passport Now made it very easy to get my passport. It went very smoothly and I had no problems. I am glad that I used your services.

Lisa R. Bawn
Agilent Technologies

US Passport Now,

Thank you for your expedited US Passport service. When I decided to change my plans and vacation out of the country, your company held my hand through the entire process, and I received my passport three days earlier than expected. I had a wonderful, stress-free vacation, and your company was a big part in helping me put my plans together. Thank you. I have recommended you to my sister, who also used your services, and to several family members.

Beci Potter
Goodwill Industries of South Texas

Thanks US Passport Now...My experience with your company was nothing but positive. Bottom line was that I received my passport in time to travel to my business meeting without a major expenditure of time or effort on my part. The staff at US Passport now was very courteous and helpful, and the process went very smoothly. I would recommend your service to anybody that needs a passport expedited..


Lou Recupero

Ladies and Gentlemen !

May thanks, my new passport arrived her last week, as promised by one of your staff. Your service was fast and efficient, I have no problem to recommend you to anyone, who might need a passport quickly and does not want to wait several months! You all did a very good job!

Harald W. Behrend
Columbus, NC/USA

My experience with US PASSPORT NOW was excellent. As promised, my expedited passport renewal request was handled as agreed and in a very professional manner. In fact, I made the mistake of sending the check for the Treasury in the wrong amount and your office notified me immediately, took care of the discrepancy, and my passport request was not delayed. I am very appreciative of your services.

-Sandra Haidin-

We were so pleased with the service that we received from US PASSPORT NOW. We needed passports on a very quick turnaround to ensure that we could go on our scheduled mission trip to Haiti. Your representatives were skilled, helpful, and confident as they guided us through your expedited process. Their service was exemplary and full of care. Our passports even arrived a week BEFORE we expected them. Thank you all so much. Our trip was a once in a lifetime experience, made possible by US PASSPORT NOW!

Thanks Again & Kind Regards,

Neala Hackett

I have returned after Europe trip and appreciate you work in getting me my passport.

-P Benton-

USPassportnow.com came through in a clutch time situation. At first I didn't believe that I could have my passport in such a short time. But you guys surely proved me wrong. Thanks for helping my trip to Germany a success.

Travis Madison


You saved our vacation!

You are in business to expedite passports, but you over-achieved for me. Your excellent and frequent communication (calls and emails) to make sure I understood what to do and what was happening "on the other end" calmed me and allowed me to sleep!

I'm impressed with your professionalism, efficiency, and fast response. I recommend you and your company most highly.

Would you kindly forward this letter to your manager for me?


Janis Allen

Hi US Passport Now,

You and your company performed magnificently. I received my passport in time for my business trip and all went well. Thank you for making it possible.


You guys are very professional and quick. appreciate the fact that you had a checklist.

Thanks much, John

Dear US Passport Now,

Yes, US Passport Now worked out beautifully for me. There was a 'real person' to speak with upon calling the 800 number instead of multiple tiers of voicemail...all my questions were answered. I was able to easily track the progress of the passport and we received it in less time than we were told to expect it....complete service, would recommend to others...


Kelley Gray

Received the Passport just now. You guys are great! You have a very satisfied customer here. You made it simple and you did it very quickly. Your follow up and attention to detail was awesome. Thanks a bunch for all the help.

Terrence Macaleer

Awesome service. I signed up for the 5-7 day service and was returned in 6 workdays from the day I Fed-Ex'd it out. I needed it right away for an upcoming trip, as I discovered I had lost my passport, so this saved me a lot of time and waiting in line. Highly recommended.

Larry Burgess

Thanks for a job well done with no hassels. I first questioned if it would be best to go to the U.S. Postal Service for renewal of my passport, but I know now that I chose the best way by using the fast service of US Passport Now. It was safe and secure and best of all timely just as I had been promised. Thanks again for the profressional job. BillHolloway

We did receive our passports and were thrilled at the thorough service we received. When we realized that our passports would expire within a week's time, we panicked! But when we learned of your service and spoke with a representative, our fears were relieved. Working with you, US Passport Now, was wonderful. You answered all my questions and walked me through the documents. The next time we travel, we will think of YOU... with a smile!

Thanks so much!

Maureen and Bill Miller

US Passport Now, as I told on the phone I could not believe how fast and good your service is, from now on I will always use your service for any kind of needs.

Thanks once again


The most helpful and efficient passport service! Quick, easy and stress-free!

Thanks for everything.

Danielle D.

US Passport Now -

You came through as promised. My Passport arrived within 4 days and I'm thrilled with the professionalism and speed of delivery your company provided.

Thank you


Thank you US Passport Now I did get the passport and you made things much easier for me thank you again.




Hi US Passport Now,

My passport was on my desk when I returned from vacation last week and yes, I am very pleased with your services. However, for some reason, with our new computer conversion I cannot open the attachments.

Thanks for walking me through the process and it was much quicker than I expected.

Janice Hodges
Regent Seven Seas Cruises

My highest compliments on your service. I received excellent customer service, my paperwork was processed timely and my passport was delivered on time. You guys did a great job and I really appreciate your help in expediting my passport order.

- Mr. Sneed-

Thankyou so much for your expedient service. I discovered, quite late, that my passport will expire two days prior to embarking on a cruise. I was referred to your site from a friend and am happy with the results. A case manager was assigned to me that was friendly and helpful throughout the entire process. Icurrentlyhave my new and improved passport in hand just under two weeks from start to finish in plenty of time before my departure.

Thanks again Passport Now for all your help.


Good Morning, US Passport Now -

Tony's passport arrived via FedEx right after we spoke. Thank you so much for your gracious and expedient service! We were very pleased with your personal service and the user friendly set-up of your website. We will definitely recommend the services of US PASSPORT NOW to our friends and business associates.

Thank you again -

Brenda Iovanella


I recently used your services to renew my old passport. Not only was everyone I spoke with at US PASSPORT responsive, helpful and professional, I always felt I was getting their undivided personal attention. When I ran into some computer glitches which made downloading forms, etc., difficult, I called and we came up with some alternative ways to accomplish the necessary tasks. Moreover, my 'caseworker' called to check that I was getting the various forms and pictures together to make sure I would get my passport in a timely fashion.

You have a great organization and I would highly recommend your services to anyone needing to obtain or renew a passport.

With thanks,

Catherine Fitch

I was very happy with US PASSPORT NOW. I received my passport before the expected date. Very nice.

Mary Potts - HyperDrive Media

Iamextremly happy on your expedite service and customer service. I needed my passport delivered fast because we had to leave on short notice. I went to US Passport Now website and filled out all what was needed. On the website everything was so easy to read and directions step through step. It was matter of seconds the wait over the phone. Its nice not to have machines that answered my questions. My daughter's passport was received in exactly one week! I really appreciate delivering what you state on your website. I will truly share with my friends and family my experience on how fast you are and great customer service. Thank you!

Rosa Lopez

I am very satisfied with your services. The customer service was great and everything was done right on time. I have no complaints at all and would definitely use your service again. Thank you for making a stressful situation easier!

Hopp, Katy


I would like to take this opportunity to thank US Passport Now for a completely stress free passport renewal process. The process was extremely simple and well outlined on your website. The checklist made things very clear and prevented any missteps. It is also great to have a case manager (thanks US Passport Now!!) that calls to make the experience more personal.

Thanks again for a job well done and please be assured that I will not hesitate to recommend your services to all my friends and colleagues.

Best regards,

Scott Hudson

US Passport Now,

Of course I will reply with glee.

When I applied to use your facility, I was skeptical and scared. A member of your staff called me and I found her voice and style quite reassuring. She kept calling to reassure that all will be well. True to her words all was well. I received my passport on time as promised and you can rest assured that I will definitely recommend your company to anyone requireing such service as your esteemed company has to offer.

Chris Okojie

Thank you so much for the fantastic help and the ability for me to get my passport so fast I am so happy that I was able to get my passport so much faster than doing it through the post office or another way. Thank you again

Anthony King

Dear US Passport Now,

Thank you very much for your services. My passport has arrived appropriately in time. Your company services are perfectly great and I and my company I run will be using your services from now on.


Dr. Tankovich

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