Visiting Singapore And The Har Paw Villa

The world over there are strange places to visit. In the United States alone there are countless odd museums and strange theme parks. But if you’re looking for more of an international flare, perhaps you should check out the Haw Par Villa in Singapore. It is a theme park dedicated to Buddhism.  This is definitely a strange destination, but a great opportunity to experience a different culture. Make sure your passport is in order, if you think you may have a lost passport be sure to apply for a passport renewal or replacement before you venture to the Haw Par Villa.


Passports are extremely important documents. They allow an individual to travel to foreign destinations. Although you do not need a passport to necessarily leave the United States, there are many countries where you will need it in order to enter a foreign country. Re-entry into the United States is also very difficult with out a passport. This is why it’s so important when traveling abroad to keep your passport safe to prevent a lost passport or passport theft.


The Southeast Asian city-state, the Republic of Singapore is an island country comprised of 63 islands. It is a highly urbanised country; however, over half o f the country is covered by greenery. It is a popular tourist destination as it offers a unique Asian flare with western modernization.


There are many sites and activities that Singapore has to offer. From shopping to night life there is something for everyone. Singapore has an economy that is heavily reliant upon tourism, so there are lushes resorts and the service industries cater to tourists as well.  There is a night safari offered in Singapore as well as the Zoo. There are botanical gardens, animal reserves, and the natural boat quay. In addition to all these sites there is extensive shopping as well. Perhaps the strangest site is the Har Paw Villa though, known as the Buddhist theme park.

Haw Par Villa

The Haw Par Villa is also referred to as the “Buddhist amusement park”. It is a graphic educational journey through the traditions of Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism.  These are all belief systems that hold roots in the Chinese way of life.  At Haw Par Villa, these and the mythologies surrounding such traditions are graphically displayed in sculptures and dioramas. There are great sculptures and serene koi ponds and turtle feeding sections, but what the Villa is known for is it’s depiction of the realms of Buddhist Naraka’s, loosely translated as ‘hell’.


Buddhism is a widely practiced tradition throughout Asia and is growing popularity within the United States. It features a very complex and unique set of beliefs that are also ingrained within each culture. For this reason explanation of the Naraka’s purely depends on what region of the world you are in. The Naraka’s featured in the Har Paw Villa are displayed are those associated with the Chinese mythologies regarding ‘hell’.

A trip to Singapore is not complete without a visit to the Haw Par Villa; it is truly a unique look at the combination of theme park and religious tradition. Singapore also has many other attractions and activities and is a beautiful green country that caters to tourists. Make sure your passport is ready to go and any lost passport has been replaced or a passport renewal has been applied for, and you can be on your way to journey through the realms of Buddhist Naraka’s.

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