Visiting The Great Wall Of China

Few things are so massive that they can be seen from space; however there is one manmade barricade that is believed to be seen from space. The Great Wall of China, it is an expansive fortification consisting of walls made of concrete, mud, and any other element that can block a force. To visit this wonder all you have to do is grab your passport. If you don’t have a passport just go to any agency and get the passport process started you can also apply for a passport renewal if your passport has expired.


Passports allow for international travel, without these pertinent documents foreign travel is impossible. These travel documents allow for an individual to cross into a foreign country as well as re-enter their country of origin. The passport process although considered tedious, is much easier than it used to be. Now with technology and the internet as long as proper documentation is gathered a passport is quite easily obtained.

The Great Wall Of China

The Great Wall is a succession of fortifications that are made of materials such as stone, brick, wood, tamped earth and many other elements. It was built along the east to west line that was across the original northern borders of China. It was built to protect the Chinese Empire from invasions of a variety of nomadic groups or militaries. The wall was not built initially as one big wall, but separately by each state. The building because in the 7th century B.C.E. Each emperor built different sections of the wall, however together they form The Great Wall of China.

Other Functions

The Great Wall also acted as a form of border control allowing for check points for the various imperial governments of China in order to place taxes on the goods that were transported via the Silk Road. The defensive mechanisms of the Great Wall were greatly enhances by the addition of watch towers, troop barracks, and systems set up to allow for quick communication such as smoke signals.


The Wall stretches from Shanhaiguan in the East, to Lop Lake in the west; it follows an arc that is the approximate delineation of the southern edge of Inner Mongolia. The most current and precise archaeological survey of the wall indicated that it measures 5,500.3 miles long. This mileage is comprised of 3,889.5 miles of actual wall, 1,387.2 miles of natural barriers such as rivers and hills, and 233.4 miles of trenches.

Moon Myth Debunked

Although a widely popular notion and extremely historical, The Great Wall of China cannot in fact, be seen from the moon or space. The resolution required to be able to see the wall and distinguish it from its surrounding is so expansive that it is virtually impossible and no astronaut has claimed to be able to see it. Writers as far back as the 1700’s claimed that the Great Wall should be visible to the moon; however they lacked the scientific understanding and prowess to grasp the actual notion.

Now the Great Wall of China is largely a tourist attraction. Although some of the oldest parts have not survived there are other parts of the wall that have and make for an amazing experience. To touch The Great Wall of China is to touch a part of history. So go ahead start the passport process if you don’t already have a passport or get a passport renewal and make your way to The Great Wall of China and step back in time.

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