Visiting The Gates Of Hell – Darvaza, Turkmenistan

When it comes to strange places to visit Turkmenistan definitely features one such site. Darvaza Turkmenistan is believed to be the home of the ‘gates to hell’. In a small village of about 350 inhabitants there is an opening in the earth that is constantly burning, causing it to be referred to as the ‘gates of hell’. All those Dante fanatics out there should grab their passports and plan a trip to Turkmenistan, don’t lean too close or you’ll have to get a damaged passport replacement, as a melted passport won’t get you too far.


The world is full of bizarre and strange places to visit, remarkable once in a lifetime opportunities that should not be passed up. For this reason it is so important that passports be kept safe and valid. It is said that the President of Turkmenistan wants to fill the Darvaza crater, so it will no longer burn. For this reason it is imperative to get there as quickly as possibly, if you truly want to see the ‘gates of hell’, as the locals refer to it. Passports allow entry into foreign countries and re-entry into the country of origin. They are very important documents and any damaged passport must be replaced by a damaged passport replacement to ensure its validity.


Darvaza, or Derweze, is a small village in Turkmenistan; it has a very small population and can be found in the middle of the Karakum desert. It is not a huge tourist spot, but those who are interested in visiting The Gate, will frequent the small village. Most of the inhabitants of Darvaza are Turkmen of the Teke tribe and still live a half-nomadic lifestyle. Witnessing the culture alongside this gate is a very eye opening experience.

Gate Of Hell

In 1971 Soviet geologists tapped into the Darvaza area as it is flowing with natural gas. However, hwne drilling, the rig collapsed which left a gaping hole about 230ft. In an effort to avoid the discharge of poisonous gas, they decided to burn it off in hopes that the fire would use all fuel in days. This proved unsuccessful and the gas is still burning to this day. Although created by flaw, the door to hell as it is also sometimes referred to is an awe-inspiring site to witness.

Closing The Gate

In 2010 the President of Turkmenistan visited the site and in an effort to bring more revenue into Turkmenistan he ordered the gateway closed. He believes that by filling the door to hell will bring in companies looking to tap into the rich natural resources that the desert has to offer. For this reason those wishing to visit the site should hasten their trip as to not miss the spectacular site.

Darvaza is definitely a must see site for those who like to journey a roads less travelled. The culture combined with the diabolically beautiful site is an eye opening experience. When planning such a trip be sure to keep your passport safe as to avoid any damage to it. A damaged passport must be reported and a damaged passport replacement must be obtained in order to use it for international travel. So go ahead and take a visit to the Gates of Hell, a journey that not many can boast.

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