Visiting Bali

Indonesia is a vast series of islands that feature many exotic locations that are on “must see” lists. One of these places is Bali. Bali features deep tropical rain forests and looming volcanoes. It is also known for its famous beaches that feature currents from the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Along with the picturesque landscape there are colorful temples as well that feature amazing ceremonies. Bali is truly a “must see” destination. Make sure your passport is ready to go, if it’s expired go ahead and look into the passport service options to get a passport renewal or expedited passport renewal.


Passports are important documents when it comes to international travel. Without them you cannot enter a foreign country and may have difficulty re-entering the United States. This is why it’s so important to keep up with your passport, especially if it is stolen or lost. You can get an expedited passport sent to you abroad in order to re-enter the US without a problem.


Bali is an Indonesian island that is found within the Lesser Sunda Islands between Java and Lombok. Bali is about 8 degrees south of the equator. Bali features a highly Hindu population while the rest adhere to the principals of Islam. It is known for its tourism industry and is a fantastic place to visit. Bali also features an active volcano and is surrounded by coral reefs. The beaches feature white sand as well as black sand which makes for awe inspiring scenery.


Bali is a primarily Hindu culture and because of this features an array of deities and festivals to honor these deities. In addition to festivals there are numerous temples that can be found on the island that are exquisite to behold.  When taking a break from the beach or venturing near volcanoes, be sure to check these temples out.

What To Do In Bali

In addition to the great beaches and landscape that Bali offers there are many other activities to partake in on this great island. Water sports especially surfing are highly popular. Scuba diving is another favorite on the island and you can even catch a glimpse of the USAT Liberty wreck. White water rafting is another common activity, especially in the wet season. Sport fishing is a delight and there is also a large water park called Waterbom, a great spot for the kids to visit.

Places To Visit

There are many paces to visit when in Bali; this includes the Bali Zoo as well as the Bali Marine and Safari park. There is also a nature tour offered in the West Bali National Park located in the Butterfly Park. For those who like gardens, the Bali Botanical Gardens is another poplar attraction. Take the kids to an adventure park at Bali Treetop Adventure Park and give the kids a bird’s eye view of nature.

Bali offers an experience for everyone. From water sports to natural trails activities abound upon this Indonesian paradise. There are even parks for the kids. Make sure all your passports are in order before planning a trip to this wonderful destination. Remember to look into passport service options especially if you need an expedited passport renewal. A trip to Bali will be like a trip to paradise.

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