Tips On Traveling With Infants

Traveling with an infant can be a stressful experience. Not only do you have to worry about how your going to pack all the necessary items that also comply with security guidelines, you have to handle your infant in the airport as well.  There are strollers and car seats to contend with, as well as diaper bags and carry on luggage. It’s a wonder anyone with a baby travels.  There are some tips to keep in mind when traveling. Be sure to have your infant passport at hand, just as you need a passport for travel, so does your baby. If you were recently married make sure you filed for the necessary passport name change so you do not run into problems.


Passports allow for international travel. They are the permission slip to the world; they allow you entry into a foreign country and entry back into your country of origin. Adults need passports, children used to be able to be on their parents passports; this is no longer the case. Due to changes in child trafficking laws and safety each child is required to have their own passport. Both parents must be made aware of the passport application. This is why it’s so important to make sure all passports for your family are in order including children and infants.


When preparing to travel with your infant, only pack what you need. Keep a diaper bag with you including the necessary diapers and extra changes of clothes as well as toys to occupy the infant. You may bring formula and bottles through security; they will be subjected to a litmus test. Also be prepared to fold your stroller up when you go through security. The stroller also has to go through the same system that your bag does. Often security agents will assist a struggling parent with a child.


Although infants and children under the age of two are allowed on their parents laps, it is much safer to get them their own seat. Be sure your car seat is FAA approved. When ascending and descending the best way to help your child cope with the air pressure change is to have them suck on something. This is the perfect time to give them a bottle or pacifier.


No one wants a crying screaming baby on the plane; however this cannot be helped in some instances. If your infant does become upset it’s important to remain calm. This way they don’t pick up on your stress and become even more stressed themselves. Do your best to soothe them with a rocking motion or their bottle or pacifier. Flight attendants in most cases will help in any way they can.

By staying as relaxed as possible and taking care of your own needs as well as your infants, traveling should go well. Make sure all documents are in order including your own if a passport name change had to occur. Have your infant passport ready to go and getting through customs will be a cinch. Proper packing and organization can make traveling with an infant much easier than people think.

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