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Foreign Entry Requirements: A Couple Of Examples Of Unique Entry Requirements

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Often traveling internationally requires certain passport requirements that are specific to the country that you’re visiting. There are no universal rules that cover entrance or re-entrance into a country, so, if you are traveling, you will have to find out exactly which countries require which items. A few of the more popular travel destinations are included in this article. All of these destinations require a passport in order to gain entrance into the country and re-entrance into the United States, with the exception of Mexico. Mexico, Canada, and other nearby countries allow you to use a passport card as opposed to having to purchase a complete passport.

There are specific criteria for whether or not you will need a visa in order to successfully gain entrance into the United Kingdom. The UK runs by a five-tier system in order to determine who needs to obtain these visas. Tier one covers “highly skilled” workers, such as scientists. This is the only tier that doesn’t require a sponsor. Tier two is for “skilled” workers, such as teachers and nurses, who have received a job offer from the United Kingdom. Tier three handles “low-skilled” workers, like construction workers, who are sent to the United Kingdom for a specific purpose, such as shortages or help for a specific project. Students are covered in Tier four, and Tier five are for temporary workers, such as traveling musical artists coming to play a concert. A sponsor is required for Tier two, three, four, and five. The type of sponsor depends on the tier. For example, if a student under tier four wants to come to the United Kingdom, he or she needs to be sponsored by an educational foundation within the United Kingdom. The tiers that deal with work-related visits require the sponsorship of a United Kingdom-based employer.

A trip to Mexico requires either a passport or a passport card; however, a passport card cannot be used for air travel. Minors traveling without adults are required to carry a written consent by their parents, featuring the names of both parents and the child, the name of the child’s fellow travelers, and the notarized signature of the parents. This letter needs to be an original, not a copy. It’s recommended that this letter also give a brief summary of the trip, including such things as travel dates, reason for travel, and destinations, and airlines. The child also needs to carry proof of parent-child relationship, such as a birth certificate. Tourist cards, similar to a visa, are issued only if you’re staying for more than 72 hours outside of the “border zone,” or areas within 30 kilometers of the border. The price for these cards is usually included in air fare.

In France, you will only need to acquire a visa if you are staying for more than 90 days. Your passport also needs to be valid for the next three months.

As you can see, some country’s passport requirements are stricter than others. Be sure to do thorough research plenty of time in advance to ensure that you have all the requirements ready for your trip before the travel date. As previously stated, you will need a passport for any air travel. Traveling has the opportunity to create unforgettable experiences and awesome memories, so don’t let the preparation scare you away. Get traveling!

USPassportNow: Where Your Passport Expediting Service Needs To Be

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Getting an expedited passport is tough business. Waiting on normal passport processes can take up to three months, and most people don’t have that kind of time to wait around for something to come in the mail. Getting a passport expedited is even more frustrating. You have to call and make an appointment at a U.S. passport agency, wait in the line, and personally submit your passport application. However, there is another way.

A private expediting service can handle all of this for you. These services are available online, meaning that with one click, you could have this entire process cut down. It’s the equivalent of someone calling, making the appointment, waiting in line, and submitting your application for you .However, picking the best one is extremely important. You want to place your faith in an experienced, trustworthy, legitimate company that will get your stuff done for you. This is where I recommend USPassportnow has taken their customer’s safety concerns to heart, and, especially when dealing with passport services, keeping your information and transactions secure is more important than ever.

USPassportnow is revolutionizing the passport expediting service industry. They are now Verified by Visa and also feature the Mastercard Secure Code function, meaning your online purchases are more secure than ever before, and they are the only online passport service to offer this.

The Verified by Visa system has been protecting sites and online vendors for years. With this system, online shopping sites are dramatically less susceptible to fraud. Knowing a little bit about how the system operates can give a better understanding on just why people trust their information more with Verified by Visa sights. Basically, when completing an online transaction, the member’s card will be identified. A small box will appear, prompting the individual to enter his or her password. Once the password has been verified, the transaction is finished. Enjoying this enhanced security while shopping online plays a huge role in deciding the extent to which customers trust a certain website.The Mastercard Secure Code performs a similar function. After entering your account number into the box provided by an online vendor, a small box will appear, prompting you to enter your secure code. Your financial institution will then personally verify that it is in fact you making the purchase and will the transaction will be completed. There is no limit on how many cards you can register, meaning you can protect all of your Mastercard debit or credit cards and make them safe for online purchasing.

Because these services simply aim to stop other people from using your credit or debit card online, you can rest assured that your information and personal safety isn’t being compromised when shopping online. USPassportnow is the only passport expediting service to offer this increased layer of security, meaning you can be sure your valuable information isn’t in a dangerous situation. Many people choose to shop only at online retailers that offer this level of security, as identity theft and personal safety concerns are becoming even more of a problem with the increased amount of business transactions occurring online.

The Quick And Easy Explanation Of Passports And Visas

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

People who are considering traveling overseas are often faced with a problem. What’s the difference between a passport and a visa? This is a concern to be taken seriously, as one cannot be substituted from the other. As an example, a passport renewal is considerably easier to obtain than visa renewals. It’s important to know and recognize the difference between the two so you know exactly what you need to do and what sort of paperwork to acquire when traveling to another country.


A visa is a physical stamp or a sticker that gets placed in your passport upon arrival to a country. This mark is placed in your passport by a representative official of the country your traveling to, and it simply means that a the holder of the passport is authorized to visit that country. These are generally shown upon entrance to a foreign country, and many countries actually require you to get a visa in order to enter the country.

Unfortunately, there is no standard set of rules or regulations that deals with visas. Some countries require visas and others don’t, and this is always changing. One week you may need a visa, the next week you might not. Visas very in cost depending on the country, and because countries know they can charge whatever they want, they often charge exorbitant amounts.

Visas come in many different types, depending on what type of “visit” you’re making. These usually fall into three categories: business trips, tourist trips, or transitory trips. While there are many other visas pertaining to international travel, these are the ones most people commonly deal with.


A passport is an official document that states and verifies one’s identity and country of origin. These are needed in order to both enter and leave a country and are a necessary part of international travel plans. A passport is obtained in your native country from passport agencies with a passport application.

Passports don’t specifically allow you to enter the country, but it promises protection while abroad and allows you to return to the country that issued the passport. You probably won’t ever have to deal with these details, but they’re good to know. A passport is the only universally recognized form of identification, making them your lifeline when you travel to different countries.

Passports are valid for ten years if you are over sixteen and only five years if you are under sixteen, while a visa’s period of validity varies greatly. A visa can be valid for as long as ten years or as short as just the duration of your trip. Once the visa expires, you will require a new one in order to be able to get into the country again. The same goes for passports. Once your passport is expired, a new one  is needed before you can go abroad again.

Traveling overseas can be so exciting. Some of my best memories come from trips to foreign countries, so don’t let the preparation scare you away. Easy passport applications are online, so you can get a passport renewal right from home. Often, a travel agent can arrange all of this for you, requiring little to no effort on your part, so you can focus on packing and getting ready for an awesome vacation.