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What You Need To Know Regarding The Passport Card

Friday, July 8th, 2011

Recently, the United States released another option to the passport booklet. The pass port card is a small, credit card sized form of travel documentation that U. S. Citizens may use to re-enter the US at land-border crossings, and at entrances from seaports. You may travel from Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Bermuda. This kind of identification is less costly and pocket-sized. It is a wonderful alternative for those of us that travel quite a bit between the countries listed above. Starting on the 14th of July in 2008, it will become readily available to all eligible United States Citizens. So far, over 2,700,000 citizens have applied.

International Travel

You must also understand that although the booklet allows for travel between international countries via airplane, the US Passport card will only allow for automobile travel and travel by boat. It was made for citizens living on the North and South borders of the US. Those who travel to Mexico and Canada enough require a more convenient form of identification to travel between each country. This card makes it easier to do so without having to apply for an urgent U S passport.

Electronic Chip

Inside each one is a chip called the “RFID chip”. This is a chip that is read by vicinity through a certain frequency implanted inside of it. This chip helps to speed up the amount of time it takes for the government to process your ID. It doesn’t have any personal info on it, just a specific number that IDs a government database record.

Security Precautions

You don’t need to worry about security either. Each card is engraved by lasers with state-of-the-art technology, which keep security at a maximum while limiting the ability of criminals to try to counterfeit your documents. It also comes with a sleeve that protects the card from being scratched or read.

Required Documents

To apply for one, you must have the necessary documents required to prove your identity and citizenship. Proof of citizenship can include a previously issued, undamaged United States passport, a birth certificate that is issued by the city, county, or state, a report of birth abroad or a certificate of birth, a certificate of citizenship, and a naturalization certificate. Acceptable identification includes a previously issued unharmed passport, a naturalization certificate, a valid driver’s license, a current government ID that is city, state, or federal or a current military ID.

Proper Identification

Proper identification includes a certificate of naturalization, current government ID – state, federal, or city, a valid military ID, or a valid driver’s license. In addition to these forms of ID, you are also required to bring one small photograph that is 2 by 2 inches. Only a single photo is required. As soon as you have prepared all the required documents, print and fill out the DS-11 form available online, and go in person to one of several application facilities across the United States. You can locate these places on the Internet.

Application Fee

The fee for the application itself is thirty dollars. The execution fee is twenty-five. For minors under the age of 16, the application fee is fifteen dollars and the execution fee is twenty-five.

Application Submission

After you submit the passport application, it typically takes between four and six weeks to fully process and ship. There is expedited service available which costs a bit extra. It typically takes between two and three weeks.

Wait Time

When applying for your United States passport card, make sure you give yourself plenty of time so you have it in time for your trip. Nothing is worse than getting to the airport and not having the correct forms of ID, even after applying for an urgent United States passport. Have fun and be safe!

Meeting Our Closest Neighbors – Sites To See In Canada

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Nahanni National Park Reserve

Taking an international vacation doesn’t mean you have to take an airplane, and it doesn’t mean you have to spend a whole lot of money. I’ve discovered that some of the grandest vacations are right near by, and one of these vacation destinations is Canada. Canada has so much to explore, and you don’t need a full passport to get there. Passport cards, cheaper, more restricted versions of passports, were created to allow travel to areas around the United States without having to purchase a complete passport. And filling out a passport card application can be done completely online.

One of the benefits of traveling to Canada as opposed to France or Italy is the fact that most Canadians speak English, and they’re culture isn’t that different from ours. Also, at least depending on where you go, you won’t have to adjust to the time zone. Or if you do, the change won’t be that extreme, meaning you can explore more with less jet lag. If you prefer to fly, downloadable fast passport renewal forms can be found online.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites are places specially recognized for their importance in our history of humanity. These sites are either labeled as culturally or naturally important and must adhere to certain criteria before they are recognized. Canada has many of these places, a total of fifteen, meaning Canada has so much opportunity for discovery.

One of these sites is the Nahanni National Park Reserve. Rushing through this Reserve is the South Nahanni River, which flows past four huge canyons, eventually plummeting down in Virginia Falls, a giant waterfall twice as high as Niagara Falls. This park has sulfur hot springs, around which 100-foot-tall hufa mounds, over 10,000 years old are located. Also in this park are complex systems of caves, which definitely warrant exploring.

Dinosaur Provincial Park is a very unique sort of National Park, as it is known as one of the richest sources of dinosaur fossils in the world. More than 500 specimens have been dug up and put on display in museums all over the globe, meaning this site is one of the top contributors to the set of knowledge we have about dinosaurs. On this site is the Dinosaur Provincial Park Visitor Centre, which allows visitors to learn a little more about the history behind Dinosaur Provincial Park.

L’Anse aux Meadows is a site that holds deep connections to Canada’s past. As the only known site of a Norse village in North America, this location has allowed us to unravel some of the mystery surrounding our first visitors. As explorers of North America way before Christopher Columbus’ time, these Norse visitors left their mark onNewfoundland, and that mark is still visible today.

As you can see, traveling doesn’t require buying a plane ticket and flying for hours. A cheaper passport card and a little craving for adventure can send you on the trip of a lifetime. Download your passport card application or your rapid passport renewal because Canada is just around the corner.