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Traveling The World With Baby In Tow

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

As the world becomes smaller, flying to different countries becomes an even more utilized travel form. However, if you have Baby with you, this can pose a whole mess of problems. This doesn’t need to stop you from traveling, as airline companies are adapting as well. Knowing how to get a child passport fast, what to expect on your flight, and how to handle being in a foreign country with your child can really reduce the stress load if you’re a Mommy who likes to travel.

Traveling abroad requires a passport, even for your baby. If possible, do this plenty in advance when booking your trip, as the normal processing time for a new passport is around six weeks. However, not all trips are scheduled, so if you need an expedited passport, there things you can do, although it generally costs a little extra. For a passport, you will need two professional passport photos, which can generally be taken at a your closest drug store or even the passport center itself. Give them a call in advance just to be sure that they are fully equipped to take a photo of your baby. You will need two different forms of identification as well as a birth certificate for your baby.

Many airlines offer special conveniences that can make your flight with Baby go a lot smoother. When booking your flight, try to pick times where the plane is less crowded, such as during the week or the red-eye flights. A benefit of red-eye or overnight flights is the fact that your child will be more naturally prone to fall asleep, as these flights are generally during his or her sleep schedule. If there was ever a time that you invested a little extra money to get a non-stop flight, the time is now. Also, the bulkhead seating section, located at the front of each row, offers more leg room that provides a little extra space for baby to play in.

Although many airlines offer free tickets for infants, you might consider buying a ticket for your baby, as this will give you a little extra room to work in. The flight attendants will do everything they can to help make your trip easier, like warming up a bottle or bringing extra pillows and blankets.

If this trip is for leisure, be sure to plan ahead for plenty of down-time. Having a jam-packed schedule will stress both you and Baby out. If the baby feels that you’re relaxed, it is most likely going to relax as well. Many foreign countries have different brands of baby food, so bring your own to avoid upsetting Baby’s tummy. Also bring your own water, as foreign water can take a toll on everyone in your family.

A little preparation can go a long way when traveling with Baby. Again, try to get your passport plenty of time in advance to avoid paying the fee for an expedited passport, but if you need to make an emergency trip, there are ways how to get your child passport fast. Also, the best advice you could get comes from Mommies who have traveled with their babies, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.