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Learn How to Deal With A Lost Or Stolen US Passport

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

The key to dealing with lost or stolen passports lies in two things: quick action, and knowing what to do next. That is because your rapid passport renewal contains your personal information and therefore you need to have the information secured right away. You must act quickly the moment you realize that you Lost your passport or it was stolen from you.

US Department Of State

You need to call the US Department of State immediately as soon as you find out that your passport is nowhere to be found. Calling them is fast and convenient, which is exactly what you want to do in cases like this. However, you may be unable to contact them outside of the office hours, during weekends, and federal holidays. There’s an alternative to this. You can send your report through the mail.

DS-64 Form

When filing a report on the loss or theft of your US passport, you will be required to fill in Form DS-64. Try to fill in as much detail as you can remember regarding the loss of your passport. The details that you provide will help explain what happened, or what might have caused your passport’s loss.

Submit Applications

Once you have filled in Form DS-64, you can either mail it to the US Department of State’s Lost or Stolen Passport Section, or submit it in person along with a passport application form. If you want to make speedy report on your Lost passport but are unable to do so by phone, submit it personally instead. Along with that, also submit your application for a new passport. That way, you accomplish two important things in a single trip.

New Passport

The Form DS-11 is what you’ll need to fill in if you are to apply for a new passport. You should download this form from the US Department of State’s website, an option that means you no longer need to visit the passport office to obtain a copy. You have the choice of either typing the data first on your computer then printing it out, or printing it out first then filling in the information by hand.

Identity Theft Prevention

Keep in mind that once your passport was reported Lost or stolen, it is automatically invalidated. This is a measure done to prevent identity theft, since as mentioned earlier, your passport contains some of your sensitive personal information. Once you get a passport expedited and it is invalidated, you cannot request its re-validation. You will need to apply for a new passport.

Traveling Abroad

Now what if you Lost your passport while on vacation in a foreign country? You’ll also need to be quick in reporting the loss of your passport, especially in that you’re in unfamiliar territory. But instead of going to the US Department of State’s passport office, you’ll need to head to your nearest US Consulate or Embassy. They will then help you invalidate your passport as well as apply for a new one.

Quick Action

Once again, you need to be quick when you’ve Lost your passport. You must report it to the authorities as soon as you can, since the information contained in your lost or stolen passport may result in the theft of your identity. So the sooner you report your lost or stolen US passport, the sooner it will be invalidated and rendered useless.

Tunisia – World Famous Beaches And A World-Changing History

Friday, December 17th, 2010

The world is full of places and people, and the history that these places and people create really puts the world into a whole new perspective. Sometimes, however, it can be hard to truly experience a place when everything is shaded by the influence of tourism. The places that should stand as symbols of national pride are instead tourist traps meant to draw people in and get them to spend too much money on generic souvenirs. However, there are places off the beaten path that still retain their natural state, and Tunisia is one of these places. If you’re considering traveling – either to Tunisia or anywhere else – make sure you have your US Passport with you.

If you don’t have your passport, you can go online to get one. Online passport services can help you get a US passport fast, with delivery options that can get you a passport in as little as a day should you need it. These sites make getting ready for a big international trip stress-free.

Tunisia has an incredibly rich cultural history that is very worth delving into. Located in northern Africa, wedged between Libya and Algeria, Tunisia is due south over the Mediterranean sea from Italy and Malta. It played a big part in ancient Roman history, as it was the homeland of the Carthaginians. Tunisia was a very powerful base of operations for this mighty civilization, and a total of three wars took places between Rome and Carthage.

Tunisia offers many different ways to spend your vacation, not only as a vast historical site but also because of its beautiful Mediterranean beaches. Depending on what sort of vacation you are looking to have you can focus on one or the other, or even do a little bit of both. If you are looking to delve into the history of Tunisia, there are many historical and archaeological sites to explore. One of these sites is the ruins of Carthage. It’s hard not to feel the echos of the extremely powerful nation that once encompassed the entire Mediterranean. Hannibal was Carthage’s most famous resident. El Jem is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can find an impressive Roman amphitheater.

If you are looking to combine the beautiful beach scene with that of the historical, there are two cities that specialize in both areas. Monastir and Sousse are historical cities with a beach resort touch. Monastir dates back to the time of Hannibal, and Sousse is also a World Heritage Site that is famous for it’s medina and souk. If you are looking to just enjoy the Mediterrean, there are beaches that are completely devoid of people, almost like having your own private paradise, Chott Meriam being one of them. There’s also the beautiful landscape of the Sahara. While the beach may sound more alluring, there is something breath taking about this desert.

As you can see, there is much to do in this little country. Get your adventure started and go online to apply for your United States of America passport. Remember that you can get a passport fast by applying for expedited passport shipping. If you need a replacement passport, that can be done, too.

Guided Tours Versus Traveling Independently – Which Option Fits Your Style?

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Guided Tour, Moscow

Traveling around the world can be a pretty intimidating thing to plan. Independent travel and guided tour travel both have their perks, but it’s important to plan your vacation according to how you want to experience it. Traveling internationally means everyone in your family will need a passport. Get a baby passport if you have a little one.

On the most basic level, a guided tour is just a vacation that is pre-planned. A tour guide generally accompanies you as you explore your destination, and an itinerary is usually either selected from a travel company or created by the vacationers. Sometimes, meals, hotel accommodations, and transportation are included in the base price of these itineraries. These itineraries just outline what you and your family will be participating in during your stay. This outline can include visits to famous landmarks, natural sites, or other locations.

Traveling independently is simply a vacation where everything is planned by you. Everything from finding places to visit, finding living accommodations, purchasing food, attaining transportation, and exploring needs to be planned by you. While this has gotten easier thanks to certain travel sites and travel agencies, a lot of planning is required. Getting your passport is easier than ever. Quick passports from online passport agencies make this planning easier.

Guided tours have their pros and cons. Having such a strict regimen while traveling often leaves people feeling exhausted and wanting to take a vacation from their vacation. Schedules and set time slots take away the freedom of vacation, but it also grants freedom from having to plan more than you have to. With a tour guide you can trust, you know you will be visiting the best spots and experiencing a lot of what the country has to offer. However, sometimes these companies take tourists to the more “touristy” locations. And while this gives you a good look, and maybe even some special opportunities to explore deeper, it can feel like a superficial sort of adventure. However, on the other hand, some travel companies offer closer in-depth looks at a culture as opposed to visiting the obvious places.

Independent travel also has its pros and cons. Obviously, one of the requirements of traveling without a tour guide is having to plan everything. However, many see this supposed downfall as a pro. Being completely in control of your schedule allows for total freedom, meaning you can decide exactly what you want to do and when you want to do it. You also get a whole different kind of cultural experience. Seeing things for yourself and exploring your way give you a more intimate view of your destination. This can go the other way though. Sometimes, without a helpful tourist guide to steer you clear, you end up at the basic, super crowded tourist locations.

When it comes down to it, deciding how you want to travel depends on what you want to do as well as your own personal travel style. If you don’t want to adhere to a schedule and want to have a free-style vacation, try to travel independently. However, if you want everything planned for you by a knowledgeable and experienced guide, consider a guided tour. Online passport services, from quick passports to getting a baby passport make planning easier than ever.

Traveling The World With Baby In Tow

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

As the world becomes smaller, flying to different countries becomes an even more utilized travel form. However, if you have Baby with you, this can pose a whole mess of problems. This doesn’t need to stop you from traveling, as airline companies are adapting as well. Knowing how to get a child passport fast, what to expect on your flight, and how to handle being in a foreign country with your child can really reduce the stress load if you’re a Mommy who likes to travel.

Traveling abroad requires a passport, even for your baby. If possible, do this plenty in advance when booking your trip, as the normal processing time for a new passport is around six weeks. However, not all trips are scheduled, so if you need an expedited passport, there things you can do, although it generally costs a little extra. For a passport, you will need two professional passport photos, which can generally be taken at a your closest drug store or even the passport center itself. Give them a call in advance just to be sure that they are fully equipped to take a photo of your baby. You will need two different forms of identification as well as a birth certificate for your baby.

Many airlines offer special conveniences that can make your flight with Baby go a lot smoother. When booking your flight, try to pick times where the plane is less crowded, such as during the week or the red-eye flights. A benefit of red-eye or overnight flights is the fact that your child will be more naturally prone to fall asleep, as these flights are generally during his or her sleep schedule. If there was ever a time that you invested a little extra money to get a non-stop flight, the time is now. Also, the bulkhead seating section, located at the front of each row, offers more leg room that provides a little extra space for baby to play in.

Although many airlines offer free tickets for infants, you might consider buying a ticket for your baby, as this will give you a little extra room to work in. The flight attendants will do everything they can to help make your trip easier, like warming up a bottle or bringing extra pillows and blankets.

If this trip is for leisure, be sure to plan ahead for plenty of down-time. Having a jam-packed schedule will stress both you and Baby out. If the baby feels that you’re relaxed, it is most likely going to relax as well. Many foreign countries have different brands of baby food, so bring your own to avoid upsetting Baby’s tummy. Also bring your own water, as foreign water can take a toll on everyone in your family.

A little preparation can go a long way when traveling with Baby. Again, try to get your passport plenty of time in advance to avoid paying the fee for an expedited passport, but if you need to make an emergency trip, there are ways how to get your child passport fast. Also, the best advice you could get comes from Mommies who have traveled with their babies, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.