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Forged Passports: The Very Real Danger Surrounding The Abuse Of Passports

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Recently in the news have been stories about Israeli diplomats being asked to leave various foreign embassies because of forged passports used by the is is Israeli secret service to assassinate Mahmoud el Mabhouh.  Friday, the 11th of June, 2010, Mabhouh was murdered in Dubai by the agents of Israel’s secret service.

In Ireland, the government issued a statement asking Israel to, “withdraw a designated member of its staff” from their embassy in Ireland. Ireland is the third country to ask Israeli diplomats to leave, in addition to Britain and Australia. Here’s the story: The Israeli secret police, collectively called the Mossad, entered Dubai using forged passports that were inextricably tied back to forging by the government of Israel. In addition to fake Irish passports, fake Australian and British passports were also used. Mabhouh, the victim of the assassination, was claimed by Israel to be the person in charge of the smuggling of weapons from Iran into the Gaza Strip.

Passport forgeries along with identity theft are one of the biggest problems plaguing countries and international travelers from all over the world. As you can see, even other countries deal with these counterfeits. Counterfeits are used, just like in the Mabhouh case, to illegally enter a country. They also can be used to open a fraudulent bank account, steal someone’s identity, fly abroad, and purchase a weapon. Keeping your passports, along with your other important documents, safe is important in order to discourage this type of thing.  However, only tougher government regulation and careful inspection can stop it all together.

By simply typing in “forged passport” into a search engine, you get websites offering to make fake IDs of all kinds. Videos and blogs help kids fabricate fake IDs. Even the RFID chips inside passports – installed in order to provide increased security – can be “hacked” and duplicated.

Abuse of passports and the rights they entitle puts those who use them legally in very real danger. If you suspect your passport has been stolen, contact a passport agency immediately and have them void it. This is the first step in preventing criminals from stealing your identity. Next, file a police report and be sure to cover all the details surrounding the theft, such as when you had it last or when you used it last.

Passports are supposed to be a tool to help people connect as a global community, bringing the people of the world together and allowing them to interact to promote tolerance and peace. When passports are being forged and people are dying because of it, it has pretty much the opposite effect, to say the least. Make sure you’re buying and renewing your passports with a reputable and dependable online passport service or in person at a passport agency. Imitators exist that will try to sell you counterfeit passports, meaning you could unknowingly become a victim of passport fraud. Also, keep your passports in a safe location, both at home and when traveling. These are just a few things you can do in order to help reduce the occurrence of episodes like the one in Dubai.