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Why Passport Pages Are Needed

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

For an avid traveler passport pages are very important. If someone travels frequently they may run low on available pages in their US passport for customs agents to stamp. For this reason extra pages can be garnered. Traveling is an amazing experience whether for business or personal reasons, the last thing anyone wants to worry about is their travel documentation.


Passports are necessary documents when it comes to international travel. Anyone who will be crossing the United States border will need one. These documents act as an international travel ID or permission. When entering a foreign country they are stamped as proof that an individual went through customs. Depending on countries guidelines they are also stamped when leaving. Each country has their own customs officials as well as stamping guidelines which is why it’s important to keep track of US passport pages.

Passport Stamps

Passports are stamped for a number of different reasons. However, the most prominent reason is because the stamps within a passport act as an easy to view record of a traveler’s movement, without having to carry paperwork around. Also, some countries have guidelines regarding a travellers’ whereabouts, those who have recently travelled to a foreign country may not be allowed to enter another foreign country afterwards due to policies. Other countries have open travel agreements; all those countries within the European Union do not require stamps on passports for those with a passport from the EU. This is because they have an open travel agreement. These stamps also prove that someone entered a country for a set period of time, as most stamps indicate the type of travel as well as the length of time.

Passport Pages

Passport pages are the pages that allow a customs official to stamp a passport. Some countries have guidelines requiring the amount of pages that are available. For those who travel frequently having enough pages can be an issue. For this reason many agencies offer extra pages. There are certain restrictions though. Before adding pages there must only be four pages left, once there are four, and application for extra pages can be sent in along with the passport. This service can also be expedited depending on the time-frame.

Applying For Extra Pages

In order to get added pages a request must be sent in for a passport pages application. This must be filled out and sent in along with the current up to date passport as well as the intent of traveling that will require the extra pages. These pages are not guaranteed, but if applied for correctly extra pages should be received.

Traveling can be stressful enough whether for business or for pleasure. For that reason it’s important to always keep a US passport up to date. These services include renewals and name changes. However, often people forget about their passport pages. Travel requires the stamping of a passport and depending on the country of the type of travel it could use up many pages within the book.  That is why it’s so important to keep track of how many pages are available as well as what the guidelines for other countries are. That way there will be not stress when it comes time for a trip.

Traveling To The Salt Cathedral In Columbia

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

Columbia is a beautiful South American country that has many wonderful things for world travelers to do and to see. If you are going to be headed off to Columbia for an international vacation in the near future, you should consider going to see the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira. It is one of the county’s most interesting and beautiful pieces of architecture, and is located in the town of Cundinamarca. It is a great place for Catholics to go and take a pilgrimage to. If you are going to be traveling to Columbia, and need extra passport pages, you can go online to an internet passport agency, and they will be able to assist you.


If you do not have a valid United States passport, you will not be allowed to travel to Columbia, or anywhere overseas, for any reason. Passports allow their holders to travel freely throughout the world, and then give them the ability to reenter America when they are done traveling. In the past, it used to take weeks to take care of passport issues. However, with the help of internet passport agencies, it has never been easier for American citizens to get help with passport services, like getting extra passport pages, online with internet passport agencies.


The cathedral features a temple at the bottom that is comprised of three sections. The first represents the birth of Jesus. The second represents his life, and the third represents his death. There are numerous icons and ornaments that were ornately carved into the halite rock. There are also amazing architectural details and many marble sculptures. The salt mine is part of a Halite mountain that is near the town of Zipiquira. Interestingly, although the establishment garners 3,000 parishioners on Sunday, there is no bishop and according to official status it is not actually a Cathedral.


Before the underground church was constructed in 1932 there was already a sanctuary. Miners had carved it in order to practice their daily prayers and ask the saints of protection to watch over them while they worked. In 1950 the bigger construction began. In 1954 the church was dedicated to Our Lady of Rosary, Patron saint of miners. There were three naves which included a monumental cross, Stations of the Cross, along with icons of the Virgin of Rosary icon as well as the nave that featured the birth of Jesus as well as his baptism.

Other Facts

This cathedral is considered one of the most infamous achievements in the realms of Colombian architecture. It was also nominated as a “Jewel of Modern Architecture.”The cathedral is comprised of the Stations of the Cross at the entrance along with 14 small chapels. There is The Dome located at the end of the descending entrance ramp; this also features a Narthex labyrinth. There are also three naves that are connected by a large crack that is supposed to symbolize the birth and death of Jesus.

If you are going to be visiting Columbia in the near future, and need to get extra passport pages before you leave, you can go online and get help from an internet passport agency. With the help of an online passport agency, you will be able to make sure that all of your passport needs are taken care of before you leave for your vacation. Once you are in Columbia, you can check out the beautiful Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira. It is regarded as one of the most beautiful churches in South America, and can be found in the small town of Cundinamarca.

Hungary – Where Each Turn Has Something New To Discover

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Hungary is one of the most culturally rich places on the entire Earth. Located in Central Europe, Hungary is one of the oldest European countries. With big, glittering cities and a long and rich cultural history, Hungary is an awesome place to visit. By going online and downloading an online passport application now, you can be on your way to this beautiful country.

In order to travel to Hungary, you will need to acquire a passport. Going online to complete this task makes it unbelievably easy. Just a few clicks has you handling all sorts of passport issues, from getting US passport extra pages to getting it expedited as quickly as you need it.

Budapest is the capital and largest city of Hungary. Originally two separated cities, Buda and Pest, they are now connected by the stunning Chain Bridge which spans the sparkling Danube River. One of the most beautiful sights in Budapest is the Fisherman’s Bastion, a castle that has turrets and minarets that seem to come straight from a fairytale. The Royal Buda Palace, originally built in the 14th century, is a huge building that houses many opportunities to experience the Hungarian tradition. St. Stephen’s Basilica and The Great Synagogue are two religious buildings that are visible throughout Budapest. The Great Synagogue is the second largest in the world, with the one in New York being the largest.

One of the neatest things about visiting Hungary is seeing all the castles. Over 1,500 different manors, castles, fortresses, and palaces exist for you and your family to explore, pretty much guaranteeing you will have trouble picking just a few to visit. Each of these monuments holds volumes of history behind it, and visiting these locations for yourself means learning a little of this history. The aristocratic Eszterhazy family built a monstrous mansion in the 18th century which is still visited even today. Often compared to Versailles in France, this mansion is as exquisite as it is elegant.

Hungary is home to nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites, each showing a different facet of Hungary’s culture in its own unique way. One of these sites is the Caves of Aggtelek Karst and Slovak Karst. These caves not only hold some of the most unique underground geological formations in the world, but also the amount of fossils of prehistoric humans, cave paintings, and religious monuments. Hortobagy National Park is a great place to experience some of the famous Hungarian wildlife. Included are the wild sheep, pigs, and horses of the rolling plains as well as 342 species of birds.

A visit to Hungary is guaranteed to leave you with memories and experiences that you won’t soon forget. Whether you decide to explore the more natural side of Hungary or the more metropolitan side, you are bound to leave with a new perspective on the world and its inhabitants. Going online to download your passport application now is one way to get your adventure started. Online sites make getting US passport extra pages or renewals easy, meaning you can be on your way in no time.

The Quickest Way To Add Passport Pages

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

When travelers are on their way out the door headed to the airport is not an ideal time to realize that new passport pages must be added to their passbooks. Anyone planning a trip requiring a passport should check the passbook to see if it needs more pages. These can be ordered and received with time left to spare before the trip, avoiding a potentially stressful situation.

Travelers who have less than two to four pages left in their passbooks are eligible to add more. People who travel regularly will know when they have reached this point but those who do not will need to dust off the passbook and take a look. If the book is filling up with stamps, it may be time to order additional sheets.

The process is relatively simple and requires only completing one government form, DS-4085, which can be found on the U.S. Department of State Web site. The form may be completed online and then printed, signed, and dated or the blank form may be printed and then completed by hand. Applicants who elect to complete the form by hand should make sure that all information supplied is legible. Anything that cannot be read by the government agents may cause a delay in processing times.

Those who do not have access to the Internet can obtain form DS-4085 from a Passport Agency or Acceptance Facility. In order to have the update made to the passbook, the completed DS-4085 form must be submitted with the current valid US passport. The addition of passport pages is free to users who opt for standard processing. The Department of State advises that applicants mail the documents using a mail service that provides confirmation of delivery.

The amount of time that is required to process these requests is between four and six weeks. Travelers who need the passbook back before that time can opt for expedited passport processing. This will provide them with the updated book within two to three weeks. The expedited service charge is $60.00 and may be paid via money order or check. The package must be labeled with the words “expedite” on the outside and the use of an overnight delivery service is recommended.

Travelers who are especially crunched for time should consider using a private company to speed the process of getting additional sheets for the passbook. These services can return the updated passbook to the traveler within two business days or less. However, getting this rush processing will cost the traveler several hundred dollars plus shipping charges, in addition to the $60.00 government expedited processing fee.

These companies will require that the applicant complete the DS-4085 form. The applicant will also need to complete a letter of authorization stipulating that the company may act on his or her behalf. In addition, proof of departure will be required if the applicant is requesting that the documents be processed in seven or fewer business days. A copy of the airline ticket, flight itinerary, or letter from an employer stating that the passport is required for business travel may serve as this proof.

The process of getting additional passport pages is not complicated, but it does require some time. It is best that a passbook holder complete and submit the DS-4085 form and passbook to the government as soon as the need for additional sheets is discovered. Expedited government processing or use of the rush service provided by a private company are alternatives that will shorten the processing time.