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When An Emergency U.S. Passport May Be Needed

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Regrettably, awful events frequently happen when people are least ready for them, and this is particularly correct with regards to an existence threatening accident, illness or even death of a family member. When this happens in foreign countries, an already tough situation might seem nearly insurmountable as the family members struggles to hurried travel arrangements. Nowadays, a legitimate passport is a take a trip necessity and not everyone has one. The soothing information is that this can be done to get an emergency American passport in a couple of different ways.

Handling The Processing Times

Any time a crisis circumstance develops, other family members can contact the actual Department of State Passport Information Center and they will get guidance on exactly what to do in order to get their passport pushed through. Provided that the problem satisfies their own conditions for emergency care, they will will often have a passport in hand in less than 48 hours.

Schedule An Appointment

There is a National Passport Information Center that has a computerized phone appointment system that can be accessed 24/7. When it is impossible to get a scheduled appointment time that fits the household’s needs, a live person can be reached at a call center from 6AM to 12 midnight, ET, on weekdays. A person service representative can supply direction on which to do in this instance.

Expediting Agencies

While it would be nice to think that our government could handle this task without any concerns, they are sometimes not able to process the application quick enough for your liking. When this occurs, there are USA passport expediting agencies that are set up that can bypass all the normal channels and get a passport much quicker than we could on our own. Having them handle all the details can turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

In the event the family is ready where they are going to need their passports in 24 hours, these services are excellent and being able to make this happen. As a matter of fact, people who arrive in the morning can sometimes get their passports before the end of the business day. This is a great relief to those that realize that they should be on a plane as soon as possible.

Private Agencies

To find these private agencies, all you need to do is get on the web and do a search. We would issue a word of warning though to make sure that the agency is checked out. A great way to do this is to check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any live complaints against the company or to see if they have a history of unsatisfied customers.

Potential Fees

It should go without having to say, but while these agencies are extremely helpful, they are there to make a profit. That being the case, the fees they charge can be substantial, depending upon the turnaround time that is needed. In many cases the overall costs can be five or six times what it would cost to get a passport via normal channels.

While it would be great to consider we would not get caught in a position of needing an emergency US passport in a situation like this. Life happens and there is nothing that we can do about it. Our recommendation is that everyone have a passport, even if they never plan on traveling abroad because you just never know what life is going to throw at you. However, in those cases where it is necessary to get one on short notice, it is nice to know that there are United States passport expediting services available to handle these details and get us on our journey that much quicker.

Sydney – Exploring Australia’s Earliest Metropolis

Monday, July 4th, 2011


Australia has many interesting cities, and Sydney, the oldest city is a focal point for art, history, food, culture, fashion, and much more. While the city itself is beautiful, so are the surrounding natural landscapes of Australia, especially the relaxing beaches. Home to beautiful beaches and the interesting city, it’s a great place for anyone looking for a new and exciting vacation spot. In order to travel to Sydney or anywhere else outside of the United States, you’ll have to get a passport. Start the process by filling out a U S passport application form.

Online Support

If you don’t already have a passport, filling out a passport application online is the quickest and easiest way to get a passport before a trip. Online expediting sites offer official forms that you can fill out and submit online. You also get to choose when you’d like your passport delivered, making it an ideal option for emergency pasports renewal or last-minute trips.

Sydney Harbor

Sydney Harbor is an ideal starting point for those looking to explore Sydney, as it’s full of neat landmarks. If you can, definitely hop on a ferry or take a harbor cruise to get an great panorama of the various landmarks around the harbor. One you will definitely recognize is the Sydney Opera House, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Be sure to take a tour of the Opera House, and if you can, try to catch some of the performing arts that take place there, such as opera and classical music performances. The Strand Arcade is a shopping area full of beautiful Victorian buildings. Another great place to stop is the Queen Victoria Building, and be sure to catch the view from Sydney’s tallest building – Sydney Tower – as well. If you need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, head to the gorgeous Royal Botanical Gardens.

The Rocks

The Rocks is another great spot to spend some time in during your stay in Sydney. This area is more historical than the busy harbor, and it’s also where you’ll find Sydney Bridge, another very recognizable landmark in Sydney. From this bridge, you can get famously beautiful views that allow you to see the whole harbor. If you want even better views, you can climb the bridge pylon or the arch. Don’t miss the cute parks at each end of the bridge, as well as Cadman’s Cottage, which was constructed in 1815 and has served as an important building ever since.

Famous Beaches

No trip to Sydney is complete without a trip to the beaches, and Coogee Beach is one of the best areas around. In this area, you will also find sectioned-off areas of ocean called swimming baths. Some of these baths have been around for a long time, such as Wylie’s Bath. The area also has plenty of shopping and eating opportunities, and even pretty parks to spend an afternoon in.

Developed City

Since Sydney is such a large and developed city, there are countless things to do and see, so do a little research before you go to plan the perfect trip. While you’re online, fill out your new American passport application form. Because they deliver so quickly, you can also count on them for emergency passport renewal.

Reasons You May Need An Emergency Passport

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Svaneti, Georgia

There are a number of passports issued every year. Many are standard, but there are occasions that require an emergency passport. This article will briefly describe conditions that warrant this document, as well as provide tips as to how to obtain one.

Temporary Emergency Passport

One type of emergency passport is one that is for a limited time period. These are typically issued in cases where a person has lost the original while still traveling abroad. Once the traveler has discovered the lost item, he or she will contact the local authorities. Then the embassy will be able to issue an emergency passport in order to cover the remaining time before returning home. The lost original is then cancelled in the system after the new one is issued. The cost is the same as a standard one. If the person applies for a new one before the replacement expires, no additional fee is required.

Expedited Emergency Passport

Another type is one that is expedited in processing, but is otherwise a standard passport. There is an additional fee for accelerating these through the system, on top of expedited delivery and standard processing charges. There is no limit on what kinds of passports can be expedited, including first time applicants as well as renewals. If a person is applying for one of these via mail, they may wish to send in the application using a delivery system that includes tracking. This will allow the applicant to keep an eye on when the documents arrive for processing.

If a person is unsure if they need to request expedited passport service, they can check online for a time frame. They can search to see what the current average turnaround time is, since it can vary during the year. The applicant can use this information in order to determine if they wish to pay the extra fee. If there is doubt, the person may wish to play it safe and pay the extra fee.

Current Passport

There are some individuals who might wish to keep a current passport in order to avoid a need for an emergency one. An employee who may have to travel to another country for a business meeting could find already having this important document can be one less thing to worry about while preparing for a sudden trip. Anyone with family overseas may need to travel unexpectedly with the news of a loved one’s illness or death. If one does find themselves in a life or death situation, and need to travel within 24 to 48 hours, they will need to apply in person.

The Required Documents

An applicant can send in the required documents straight to the State Department (provided they are not a first time applicant), or in person at a U. S. Passport agency. These agencies are located in major cities. However, they can also seek assistance from an expediting service. This is especially helpful if the individual does not live close enough to an agency, and mail is not an option. An Internet search will bring up a list of numerous providers, explaining exactly what services each group offers.

Expired Passport?

There are cases when a person has had a passport, but it is about to expire or already has. The applicant can then request an emergency renewal. A simple search on the Internet will pull up a list of groups that offer this service as well. An emergency renewal is the simplest type of emergency passport to process.

Be Prepared!

It can be beneficial to be prepared for just in case scenarios. However, if a person finds himself or herself in an unexpected situation requiring overseas travel, they can take the necessary steps to still make the trip. If this important identification document is stolen from a traveler while overseas, he or she can obtain a replacement. By working with an agency, an embassy, or a service provider, an emergency passport can be issued in time for a person to complete a necessary journey. Sometimes all you need is as passport renewal.

How To Get Emergency Passports For Your Family

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Sometimes you are forced to leave the country unexpectedly, and realize that you still need to apply for a passport or renew your expired one. In this case, going through the routine passport application wouldn’t be an option. Currently, you’ll need to wait four to six weeks to have your passport processed for routine applications. But you’re in a rush to get your passport, so make sure you take a look at your options for an emergency U.S. passport in order to renew passport fast.

Family Emergencies

The situation is even more important if you are faced with a family emergency and need to leave in 48 hours or less. Because of your situation, the US Department of State provides you with a way to apply for a passport without having to go through the regular passport processing times, so you can leave the country as soon as possible. They will provide you with an emergency passport.

Immediate Travel

Emergency expidite passport are issued to US citizens who have family emergencies outside the country and have to leave within the next 48 hours. So, if you need a passport quickly, an emergency passport is what you need. Applying for one ensures that you’ll be able to leave the country immediately.

Contact NPIA

But what do you need to apply for an emergency passport? First of all, you need to contact the National Passport Information Agency (NPIA). This is the agency tasked with handling all your emergency passport needs at any time of the day. Simply give them a call, and they will help you set a schedule with the nearest passport agency. The passport agency will then be the one to help you obtain an emergency passport.

Customer Service

In case the NPIA is unable to schedule an appointment for you, simply hang on the line. You will then be forwarded to a customer service representative (CSR). In turn, the CSR will handle your call and provide you with options on how you can get your emergency passport.

Urgent Situations

There are instances where you need to leave, yet aren’t faced with a very urgent situation that would require an emergency passport. If this situation applies to you, then you can just get your passport application expedited. Expedited passports are sought out by travelers who don’t need to travel within 48 hours, yet have to leave within the next four weeks.

Expedited Passports

In fact, expedited passports are recommended to those who need to leave within the next 10 weeks. The reason for this is to allow some buffer time in case something causes a delay to the passport application. Currently, expedited passports take two to three weeks to process. Also keep in mind that there will be an additional fee should you decide to have your passport application expedited. This is a small price to pay, especially if you need the speed and convenience of applying for a passport.

Emergencies Abroad

At times when you are faced with a family emergency, you’ll always have the option to apply for an emergency USA passport. Emergency expedite passport USPS cut the waiting time for passport applications so that you can be with your loved ones outside the country as soon as possible. Now if you can wait for two to three weeks to have your application processed, you can always have it expedited.

Zurich – How To Explore This Unique City In Switzerland

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Switzerland is a popular vacation destination, thanks to its famously delicious food, excellent shopping, beautiful cities, and stunning natural surroundings. Zurich, Switzerland is a place that incorporates all of these elements. If this sounds like something you would enjoy, remember that you will need a passport to travel to Zurich. Emergency passport services are available online for those who get a craving to travel.

With the help of online passport services, you can apply for and receive a passport in a matter of days. They also offer many other sorts of services, such as being able to apply for a child passport or add more pages to your existing passport.

Switzerland is known for its picturesque natural surroundings, and because of this, you definitely want to make sure to spend plenty of time outside enjoying it. Start by taking a bike ride. Bikes and skates are free to rent around town, and this is a great way to become acquainted with the city of Zurich. Also be sure to explore or take a cruise on the beautiful Lake Zurich, regarded as one of the most beautiful in all of Europe. Another option is taking a spectacularly scenic train ride to Rhine Falls, the largest waterfall in Europe. Of course Switzerland is famous for its skiing resorts, so you could always head up to the mountains to ski.

If you want to do a little high-end shopping, or if you just want to relax and people-watch, head to Bahnhofstrasse. With stores like Cartier, Rolex, Chanel, and Armani, this avenue is for those seeking luxury. However, if you’re looking to just experience a little bit of Swiss culture, be sure to visit a Swiss marketplace. Markets in Switzerland are famous for their unique selection of groceries. Niederdorf is a very old town that features many restaurants and places to shop. And at night, people flock to Niederdorf’s many bars.

St. Peter’s Church is a popular place to see in Zurich. It features the largest clock face in Europe, with a second hand that measures 4 meters long. Originally built in the 8th century, it has undergone drastic changes over time. During the Middle Ages, it was the post of the town watchman. The town watchman was charged with the responsibility to look out over the city every 15 minutes to make sure there were no fires, and because of this process, Zurich has never suffered a devastating fire, as many other major European cities have.

Grossmunster is considered to be the most famous landmark in Zurich. Construction completed in the 11th century, and it was dedicated to the patron saints of Switzerland: Felix, Regula, and Exuperantius.

You can’t travel to Switzerland without trying famous Swiss chocolate. In Zurich, you can visit the Lindt Chocolate Factory, where you can experience how Lindt has been making their famously delicious chocolate since 1845, and you can even enjoy some free samples.

Mixing both old and new, natural and metropolitan, and luxurious and quaint, Zurich is a city that everyone in your vacation party will enjoy. Just don’t forget about your passports. Go online to a passport expediting site, where they can help you with all sorts of passport services, from getting an emergency passport to applying for a child passport. You may have to go online to look for your United States Passport application forms.

Not Your Ordinary Vacation – Tips And Ideas To See The World In A Whole New Way

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Why not try hot air balooning?

Sometimes, the usual family vacation leaves something to be desired. Finding a new and maybe little unusual way to take a trip can be difficult. From getting passports to establishing a workable plan, it can be a little overwhelming. However, you at least don’t need to worry about the passport part. Downloading a U.S. passport application form is really easy online, meaning you don’t even need to leave your home.

The first thing you can do to shake up a family vacation is to just get out of the country. Go international! Staying in the country is like staying in your comfort zone. Taking a risk and exploring other parts of the world is a great way to connect with family and build some great memories together. While it does require a little more planning than just a local road trip, it’s honestly worth it in the end. The greatest vacation I ever went on was international, and I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything. Taking your family to see some of the sights of the world is an experience that will not be quickly forgotten. And with online passport services, you can get an emergency passport, renewed passports, or even just add some more pages.

Horse riding is a great activity that lets you see nature in a very intimate kind of way. However, there are some alternatives that are just as exciting and even more unique. Take a llama around the ruins of Machu Picchu, or any other location with mountain ridges. Hop on a camel and take a unique tour of some of Egypt’s most famous sites and monuments. Go to India and ride atop a majestic elephant. These options provide you and your family with a great way to see the sights the local way.

They say getting there is half the fun, and shaking up your modes of transportation can really make a difference to a regular sort of trip. Try taking a a train through the mountains, a hot air balloon over the rolling meadows, canoeing down a quiet river, or even on the back of an animal!

There are even some crazy hotels out there where you can experience a very unusual sort of living accommodations. For example, the Magic Mountain Hotel in Chile has a waterfall cascading down its sides. The Prison Hotel is actually a castle with exquisite halls and comfy rooms. The Utter Inn in Sweden sits out on Lake Malaren, with it’s room submerged completely underwater, giving the feel of sleeping in an aquarium.

One of the best ways to experience a location is by completely avoiding the usual tourist locations. Instead of taking the time to stand in crowded groups to see a particular monument, hop on a bike or even head out on foot and explore the less publicized parts of the city. Do a little urban exploring and visit local restaurants and shops as opposed to restricting yourself to the generic attractions. So if you don’t already have a passport, go online and visit a reputable passport service website. From there, you can do anything from applying for an emergency passport to simply downloading a US passport application form. So hurry, you’ve got an entire planet to explore!

An Expedited Passport Can Help You Keep Your Travel Plans

Monday, June 21st, 2010

If you need a passport in a hurry, you can get an expedited passport. Whatever type of passport you are requesting, you have the option of asking for this service. It will cost you an additional $60 on top of whatever fees are already associated with your application.

There are some cases where it is recommended that you request your passport application to be expedited. If you are planning on traveling in the next couple of weeks, you should request this service. Also, if you need your passport within the next month to secure a foreign visa, this is recommended.

Normally, passports can take anywhere from four to six weeks to process. In busier times, it may take up to ten weeks to arrive. Therefore, if your need is any time before that, you may want to consider getting the expedited service just to be safe.

To help ensure that you get your passport quickly, it is recommended that you send your application via overnight delivery and have it sent back the same way. If you do send it by mail, be sure to write EXPEDITE on the front of the envelope. It is also recommended that you send it in a way that is traceable. Regardless of how you send in your application, be sure to package it securely in such a way that it is unlikely to be damaged.

You do not need to have a specific reason why you need your passport expedited to request this service. It is available to everyone and for any type of passport: first time, renewal, child’s or for a passport name change. Note that, even if you send in more than one passport application together, the passports may be sent back separately. Also, personal documents that are to be returned may be sent separately as well.

If you have a life or death situation which requires that you receive your passport sooner than this, do not send in your application for expedited service. Instead, you will need to contact your local passport agency and make an appointment for emergency service. At the time of your appointment, you may need to show proof of the emergency requiring an immediate passport.

Expedited passports are normally received within two to three weeks. Because of this, you will be best off if you always make sure that you have a valid passport at all times. Should you want to travel in less than two weeks and it is not for an emergency situation, you may well end up having to cancel your plans.

Remember that, if you have changed your name for any reason, such as marriage, you will need to get a new passport that reflects this change. This is an important consideration regarding honeymoon plans if you are traveling internationally. You may not want to do any of the paperwork associated with your name change until after you return.

If you have any reason to think you need your passport faster than normal, you may want to apply for an expedited passport. The extra fee will be well worth it if it means you do not have to say no to a last minute trip out of town. And you will then not have to worry about it for another ten years.

Emergency Trips: What To Do When You Need To Travel Now

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Some vacations just aren’t planned. When you’re faced with a death in the family or a terminally ill family member, throwing together travel plans at the last minute can be exceedingly difficult, especially if the relative lives far away or in a different country. However, there are some things that can help you get peace of mind when figuring out how to get to your relative. From getting an emergency passport to booking an airline ticket, there are ways to effectively create a plan that can get you to your loved one in no time.

If your loved one lives far enough away that you have to fly, you might be able to get a bereavement fare, also called a compassionate fare. This rate is reserved especially for those traveling in order to attend a family funeral or in the case of imminent death. While these rates may not always be the lowest, they are notably close, and are actually great discounts when compared to other last-minute plane ticket purchases. These fares range from anywhere between 10% and 75%, with the average hitting around 50%.

There are some drawbacks with these fares, however. While some airlines may give you the discount before purchasing your ticket when you provide the right documentation, many will only offer a rebate after you return from your trip. This refund must be submitted no more than 90 days after the flight. Bereavement rates for international travel are harder to acquire. Because these circumstances may be harder to verify, a refund can only be issued after the trip with the death certificate. International travel also poses another problem: if it takes more than one airline to get to your location, you will have to apply for bereavement fares individually for each one.

If you need to go overseas in order to meet with your loved one, make sure you have a valid passport, as these are still needed for international travel.  A one day passport renewal is available if your passport is either missing, damaged, expired.

The information you will need to provide in order to obtain your bereavement fare needs to be presented either in person or over the phone to the airline. The requirements varies by airline, but there are some major details that are usually always required. These details include the name of your loved one, your relationship, the name, address, and phone number of the hospital or funeral home, date of the service, and the name and phone number of the physician. If your airline only offers discounts after the trip, be sure to also have a copy of the death certificate. This information is simply used to verify your qualification for a bereavement fare.

Everyone faces emergencies, and luckily, there are some programs that can help you through them. Especially if your relative is overseas, getting yourself there can be stressful. However, emergency passports and bereavement fares facilitate your trip. During such a sad time, the last thing you want to deal with is planning a trip. One day passport renewals and last minute plane tickets are available for those who are faced with death and wish to be with their loved one.