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How To Get A Baby Passport

Monday, September 12th, 2011

International travelers, regardless of age, are required to have documentation that is proof of their residency and nationality. When obtaining a baby passport, both parents or legal guardians and the baby must be in attendance at the time the application is made. There are several steps involved with applying for and getting an international travel document for an infant.

US Citizenship

It is imperative to first gather documentation supporting the U. S. Citizenship of the infant. Primary documents only are to be used. Primary documentation includes a certificate of birth that is certified or a foreign birth certificate. In addition, documentation that establishes the parental relationship between the baby and both parents is needed. Be sure to choose documents that list both parents’ names.

Parents ID

Make certain that both parents have certified proof of their identification. Government issued identification like a driver license, U. S. Passport, a military ID or naturalization papers can be used. You may also want to have proof of your Social Security number. Always make copies of the original documents on standard size white paper.


You will need to complete an international travel document application for the child. The form can be filled out online and printed out or you can print a blank form and complete it by hand with black ink. Make sure that you do not sign the completed form since it is mandatory that the form be signed at the Passport Acceptance Facility in front of an officer.


Two identical pictures for the travel document and the fee for the credential will be included with the application. The head and hands of the baby must be uncovered and visible in the picture. Next, you will need to identify the Acceptance Facility nearest you where you will submit all the necessary papers. You can use the Internet to locate a Passport Acceptance Facility in your area. You may also want to check with your local library, county office or post office to find an authorized office.

If Parents Absent

In the event that only one parent can appear when the application is submitted, make sure to obtain a notarized statement of the absent parents consent. A completed Statement of Consent or Special Circumstances must be completed, signed and notarized by the parent not able to be present. The notarized form must accompany the application for the travel document, proof of citizenship of the infant, original identification proof and all other required documentation is then taken to a Passport Acceptance Facility.

Time It Takes

Finally, you will need to allow up to six weeks for the travel document to be processed and approved. If you need the document sooner, a US passport expedite application will take only two to three weeks to process. Check to see if there are additional fees for expediting the application.

Gathering all the information on applying for a baby passport will help make the process easier. Having all the required documentation before completing the application will save time. Although your child will change over the life of the travel document, the photo does not need to be updated before renewal of the document.

Babies Have Special Passports

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Adults and minors applying for a passport for the first time have to fulfill the same basic requirements. They both accomplish the same forms, as well as submit the same basic documents. However, there are additional special requirements for minors who are applying for a passport. These requirements are mainly geared towards establishing their relationship with their parents or guardians. So if you want to learn what the requirements are for a passport for a minor applications, then read this article.

We mentioned earlier that adults and minors need to fulfill the same basic requirements. These requirements include the Form DS-11. This is a form that first time passport applicants need to complete. This would, of course, apply to minors who haven’t had a passport before. They will also need to fill out the DS-11. It is also worth noting that this form shouldn’t be signed until the applicant or the guardian is told to do so at the passport office.

Along with the DS-11, you will also be required to submit proof of your citizenship. You can do this by submitting the necessary documents that will establish that you are a legal US citizen. You can submit any of the following documents to establish this: your birth certificate, your certificate of citizenship, your certificate of naturalization, or a consular report on your birth if you were born abroad. Any of these documents that you submit will be returned to you along with your new passport, or sent in a separate mailing.

Two color passport photos should also be submitted along with the DS-11 and the document that establishes your citizenship. Be careful, though, when submitting a passport photo, as the US Department of State has specific requirements for this. Check out what these requirements are before having your photo taken.

Those three items are basically what you need to submit if you are applying for a passport for the first time. Now let’s move on to the special requirements for applicants who are minors, those 17 years old and younger. Minors will be required to submit a written parental consent, to be submitted along with the previously mentioned documents. It is worth noting that there are different procedures for writing a parental consent if you’re a single parent, a guardian, etc. Check the procedure that fits your current status before writing a parental consent.

Another requirement is the proof of relationship between the parent/guardian and the applicant. In addition to those already mentioned, the parent or guardian should also submit a photocopy of their ID. This should be the same ID that they will present when submitting the passport application requirements in person.

If you are the parent or a guardian of a child passport applicant, make sure that you are aware of the guidelines, and know the requirements needed to apply for one. Doing this will help you save a lot of time. This is especially important if you are going to submit the documents in person. You’ll save time as you’ll do everything right the first time. If, however, you are unsure about the requirements, give the passport office a call to confirm or inquire.

There you have it, everything you need to know about passport for an infant applications. Simply put, it just combines special passport requirements on top of the basic requirements. Once you have figured that out, then you’ll realize how easy and straightforward it is to apply for a USA passport.

Helsinki – One Of The Most Interesting Cities On Earth

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Some cities in the more are more interesting than others. Helsinki, Finland is one of these cities. Known as the “Daughter of the Baltic,” this city was originally founded in 1550, and has only grown more interesting since that time. Built to be a “miniature St. Petersburg,” it is a busy city that still manages to retain much of its original charming feel. If you are looking to explore this intriguing city, remember that you will need a passport, but sites like can help you get them.

Sites like this one specialize in getting their customers passports fast, because they offer passport expediting. Getting your passport expedited simply means that you are getting it rush-shipped to you, so that you don’t have to wait for months before it arrives, making trip preparation so much easier.

Helsinki is a city that blends nature and city living in a way that seems effortless. It is highly recommended that you travel to Helsinki during the summer, because the winters can get very cold with a lot of snow. However, the summers are exceedingly beautiful, with mild temperatures and shades of green everywhere. Because it is located on the shore of the Baltic Sea, it makes for a great city to simply walk through. Plus, many of Helsinki’s most famous attractions are located near the water.

Museums and old churches comprise some of the most popular attractions in Helsinki. The Church in the Rock is one of the most spectacular churches, as was constructed completely out of solid rock. Lutheran Cathedral is considered to be a symbol of Helsinki. Located in Senate Square, it is a breathtaking white cathedral that was completed in 1852. Ateneum Art Museum has the largest collection of art in Helsinki, making it an excellent place to spend an afternoon.

One of the most impressive sites around is Suomenlinna. This seaside fortress is referred to as “The Gibraltar of the North,” and for good reason. Suomenlinna was even declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it’s impressive stone walls, perched on the rocky shore, where waves are always crashing, house an impressive fortress complex with some original cast iron cannons and even catacombs. The whole complex is definitely worth exploring, as there are cafes, museums, and a variety of old buildings.

Helsinki is comprised of several different islands, and each has its own plethora of things to see and do. You can take a scenic ferry ride to Pihlajasaari, one of these islands. During the summer, it is a particularly popular spot for beach-goers, and if you are feeling very confident, you can even visit the mixed nude beach. Korkeasaari is another island, one that features the Helsinki Zoo. It is connected to the mainland by a bridge, but you can take a ferry if you choose to. The zoo on this island features more than 200 animal species, and definitely makes for a good day trip.

Helsinki is simply a unique city. If you are thinking of traveling here or anywhere else, remember that you will need a passport. Websites like can help you get started, taking you through a step-by-step process to get your passport expedited and on it’s way to you in no time. There are also rush passport for children services.

Child Passports – The Key To Family Vacations

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Traveling is something that the whole family can benefit from. Parents are the first teachers of their children after all, and they are the teachers that continue to teach them for their entire lives. One of the best ways and, not to mention, the most fun ways to teach your children about the world and the people that live in it is by traveling. You might even learn a little bit yourself! Of course, if you’re planning on going out of the country, you need to make sure you and your children have passports. The child passport and adult passports can be purchased online.

Online passport processing is the new way to get passports. Instead of having to wait in long lines at the post office, you only need to sit down at your computer and fill out the passport application there. After filling out the short form, you can decide when you want your passport delivered. This means that you no longer have to wait for months and months without any word about your passport. You pick the date you want or need it delivered by, and it shows up by that date. Fast, reliable service which was something that used to be disassociated with passport delivery, is now a reality.

A child passport is reserved for those under the age of 18 who have never had a passport before. Child passports are different from adult passports in that child passports are only valid for five years while adult passports are valid for ten years. If your child already has a passport, then what you need is a passport renewal. Renewal is a different case, however. If your child is age 16 or above, he or she will have to apply for a new adult passport. If they are still under the age of 16 when their passport is expired, they will also have to apply for a new passport, but another child passport. There are no child passport renewals.

There have been more special United States passport requirements for children applying for a passport lately in order to reduce kidnapping and child trafficking. Both parents or legal guardians of the child in question must express consent before a passport application can be submitted. You will also need to have an original birth certificate, proof of U.S. citizenship, proof of your identity, passport photos, and proof that you will be traveling soon. All of this, once accumulated and ready to go, must be taken to a passport acceptance agent so they can be sure your travel plans are legal.

Once you receive your passport, you will see that a signature is required. Your child can sign the passport for themselves, but if they are too young, you will need to sign it for them. Do this by legibly printing their name on the signature line, signing your name, and then in parentheses, write “Mother” or “Father” beside your name.

As you can see, acquiring a child passport for a minor is a little more involved than getting an adult passport. However, I can promise that it will be worth it. Family vacations are something that should be experienced, remembered, and cherished. Start by going online and filling out your rush passport application. Make sure you have all the necessary paperwork well ahead of the time of departure, and once everything is completed, enjoy your trip.

Guided Tours Versus Traveling Independently – Which Option Fits Your Style?

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Guided Tour, Moscow

Traveling around the world can be a pretty intimidating thing to plan. Independent travel and guided tour travel both have their perks, but it’s important to plan your vacation according to how you want to experience it. Traveling internationally means everyone in your family will need a passport. Get a baby passport if you have a little one.

On the most basic level, a guided tour is just a vacation that is pre-planned. A tour guide generally accompanies you as you explore your destination, and an itinerary is usually either selected from a travel company or created by the vacationers. Sometimes, meals, hotel accommodations, and transportation are included in the base price of these itineraries. These itineraries just outline what you and your family will be participating in during your stay. This outline can include visits to famous landmarks, natural sites, or other locations.

Traveling independently is simply a vacation where everything is planned by you. Everything from finding places to visit, finding living accommodations, purchasing food, attaining transportation, and exploring needs to be planned by you. While this has gotten easier thanks to certain travel sites and travel agencies, a lot of planning is required. Getting your passport is easier than ever. Quick passports from online passport agencies make this planning easier.

Guided tours have their pros and cons. Having such a strict regimen while traveling often leaves people feeling exhausted and wanting to take a vacation from their vacation. Schedules and set time slots take away the freedom of vacation, but it also grants freedom from having to plan more than you have to. With a tour guide you can trust, you know you will be visiting the best spots and experiencing a lot of what the country has to offer. However, sometimes these companies take tourists to the more “touristy” locations. And while this gives you a good look, and maybe even some special opportunities to explore deeper, it can feel like a superficial sort of adventure. However, on the other hand, some travel companies offer closer in-depth looks at a culture as opposed to visiting the obvious places.

Independent travel also has its pros and cons. Obviously, one of the requirements of traveling without a tour guide is having to plan everything. However, many see this supposed downfall as a pro. Being completely in control of your schedule allows for total freedom, meaning you can decide exactly what you want to do and when you want to do it. You also get a whole different kind of cultural experience. Seeing things for yourself and exploring your way give you a more intimate view of your destination. This can go the other way though. Sometimes, without a helpful tourist guide to steer you clear, you end up at the basic, super crowded tourist locations.

When it comes down to it, deciding how you want to travel depends on what you want to do as well as your own personal travel style. If you don’t want to adhere to a schedule and want to have a free-style vacation, try to travel independently. However, if you want everything planned for you by a knowledgeable and experienced guide, consider a guided tour. Online passport services, from quick passports to getting a baby passport make planning easier than ever.

When A Delivery Date And A Travel Date Coincide: What You Can Do To Eliminate Panic

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Every once in a while, it just so happens that your pregnancy and travel plans coincide. And sometimes those travel plans require a passport. Many mothers and families wonder how they will obtain a newborn passport for a child that was literally just delivered. They must follow the same rules as other citizens, but with a few notable exceptions. If you find yourself with a due date that is uncomfortably close to your departure date, there are some things you can do. However, being prepared can make things significantly easier when it gets close to travel time.

There are many misconceptions that surround this issue, as every country has a different policy. In the United States, you will need to use a birth certificate in order to verify citizenship. Hospital records or birth notices are not able to be used in place of a birth certificate. These birth certificates generally arrive around a month after birth. However, you can go to the courthouse and obtain one faster. Make sure to figure out what your county’s policy is beforehand.

A social security number, though asked for, is not necessary when completing a passport application for the newborn. A social security number can take months to get, so the government allows for parents to use eight “0’s” in place of a social security number. The time spent waiting on a social security number depends on how the child was delivered, for example, if it was delivered by means of a mid-wife or at a hospital. Passport processing and delivery can also be expedited, even without a social security number. While it may cost extra to get passports expedited, you may need to if your travel date is getting close.

Like adults, you will need to get newborn passport photos. In these photos, the newborn cannot be wearing any head covering and both eyes must be open. At the airport, the custom agent will use the eye color and the hair color in order to distinguish this newborn from a similar looking one. Wherever you’re taking your child to get his or her passport photos taken, be sure to phone in ahead of time. Sometimes special arrangements need to be made in order to accommodate a newborn.

A child’s passport, even if he or she is a newborn, is valid for up to five years. While the child may look drastically different in this amount of time, the passport remains valid. An adult’s passport, on the other hand, is valid for up to ten years. The reasoning behind this is simple. A growing child’s looks change more frequently than an adult, so they have to update their passport photos more often than an adult would have to.

So if you’re planning on traveling in the future, but your travel date is uncomfortably close with your delivery date, you don’t need to panic. Simply preparing yourself and figuring out your county’s policies can make a world of difference. Being prepared means you can make sure you get a newborn passport and arrive at your destination safely and on time.

How To Apply For A Child Passport

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Today’s travel regulations are tighter than they have ever been and it is important to be prepared before setting out on a journey. Parents traveling with small children need to understand that child passport requirements are not the same as for an adult and make sure that they plan accordingly when applying for them. Taking a few extra steps before the trip can save a great deal of trouble on the departure day.

Many parents think that if they are traveling with a baby, they do not need to have a passport for that child, but this is completely false. Every child needs their own passport, regardless of age, and including infants. Showing up on the day of a flight without a passport for a baby will make it impossible to proceed with the trip, as the child will not be allowed to travel under any circumstances.

When obtaining a passport for the first time, the child must appear in person with both parents to begin the application process. The parents must provide all of the necessary documents and not sign anything until prompted by the acceptance agent. If one parent has sole custody of the child, they will also be required to present proof that they legally permitted to travel with the child such as a judicial declaration of incompetence of the non-applying parent.

The next step in applying for a passport for a child is presenting evidence of the child’s United States citizenship. These documents will need to be submitted with the application and will be returned with the newly issued passport. Documents that will fulfill this requirement include a certificate of citizenship or a certified birth certificate.

The parents will also be required to present evidence of their relationship to the child. This can come in the form of an adoption decree or birth certificate, among others. If the parent’s name has changed since the original document was issued, they will also have to present evidence of a legal name change. In addition, each parent will have to provide a copy of their own official ID.

The final important thing that each parent must do is provide consent for the child to be issued a United States passport. This means that they must both appear in person with the child and sign the appropriate forms in the presence of an acceptance agent. If only one parent is available to appear, they must present a notarized statement from the second parent confirming their consent.

Of course, as with any government document, there is a fee to obtain a child passport. The cost of the passport is sixty dollars with an additional twenty-five dollar execution fee.. It takes four to six weeks to receive a passport, so if it is needed sooner than that, there will be an additional sixty dollar charge for expedited processing.

The process of obtaining a child passport is complicated and it is important to follow the direction carefully and complete each step. A single mistake could mean that the entire process will need to begin from the start and that could significantly hold up travel plans. For details on each step, visit the United States Department of State.