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Passport Requirements – Information You Should Know

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Purchasing a passport is not something that everyone considers. It is a mistake like a passport is great to get even if the individual never leaves the United States. It’s probably the most powerful personal identification documents that may ever be had and because of the length it takes to obtain one, it is best to have it just in case. Prior to visiting the local passport office, make sure you know the current passport requirements.

New Applicants

Any new applicant will have to make a personal appearance at a government United States passport office. There’s also a number of other situations that will need the individual to visit to the office in person. Children will usually need to be presented at the office as well as anyone that is trying to replace a lost or taken document will need to go to the passport office.

Necessary Forms

The one form that everybody needs to fill out would be the DS-11. Furthermore form, several other pieces of documents has to be presented in person. The key reason because of this would be that the passport agency should check ID and ensure the signature matches the docs which are presented. For this reason, don’t sign anything before you actually get to the passport office. The forms can be filled out, but nothing really should be signed until an agent is present.


Go to the appointment prepared with evidence of U.S. Citizenship. This is a essential part of the procedure and all of the documents will be given back to the owner. Several items can end up being used a proof of citizenship with a licensed or officially stamped birth certificate being the most common for first time participants. Some other appropriate paperwork features a certification of birth from a Consulate, a certificate of citizenship, or a naturalization certificate. Submitting a social security number is also a necessity.


Anyone that has received their passport laminated for protection must obtain a different one. This is completely forbidden and essentially makes the actual birth certificate inadequate. The agent must also have the ability to see the raised stamp on the birth certificate. In the event that seal of approval in not present, they’ll send you on their way to get another. Every thing will also have to get photocopied prior to arriving at the passport office.


A minor will always have to get their passport in person. All above documentation must be brought with them along with their parents. If the parents are divorced and sharing custody, they must both still be present. The only situations where only one parent need be present are when there is sole custody or a parent is deceased.

The mother and father should also have current ID with them. This can be another must have as the agent cannot process the documents for the minor without the parents checking out first. If the parents have a passport, this is the best piece of ID that they can use. On top of this documentation, two passport photos may also be necessary for each and every applicant.

Processing Explained

One of the reasons that getting a passport takes way too long is because of the all of the documents that are needed to get approved. Sometimes a certificate of a birth cannot be found and a new one must be ordered. It’s unlikely that current passport photos are lying around and this means another trip. However, as long as all U.S. passport requirements are met and the photos are current (within 6 months), everything should go smoothly at the USA passport office.

Passport Requirements – Documentation Required For The Application

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

In order to meet the passport requirements set forth by the governing bodies, an individual needs to know what is required. Armed with the proper paperwork, the process will go much easier than if a person does not have it. Due to the state of world affairs in modern times, the necessity of having proper documentation when traveling abroad is more important than it has ever been before.

Birth Certificate

When applying for this type of travel documentation, a birth certificate is worth its weight in gold. Should a person be unable to obtain their certificate,they can use old passports in lieu of a certificate. In the event that the individual applying was not born in the US, they will need to obtain one of two documents, a certificate of Naturalization or a certificate of citizenship.

Letter Of Record

Should a person not have access to any previously used passports or their birth certificate, they can obtain a letter of record. The letter is issued by the state where the individual resides in and needs to be filled out completely. Along with the letter, information such as baptismal records, school records and any additional public recordings will be required.

DS-10 Form

It is important to gather documentation from the first five years of childhood to help prove citizenship. The documents must state the place of birth along with the date of the birth in order to provide adequate proof. If a person cannot produce any of this documentation, they can have an older relative with knowledge of the birth fill out a DS-10 form and have it notarized prior to submitting it. There are also forms for expedited U.S. passport applications.

If Born Outside US

Another scenario involves the individual being born outside of the US to one parent who has US citizenship. In this situation, a document supplied by a hospital in the state where the individual resides will need to be obtained. Within the form, the individual will add their name and date of birth along with recorded information pertaining the years that were searched for the birth certificate by the hospital.

The parent must also provide an affidavit which contains their place of residence in the US and overseas for the time prior to the birth. The same affidavit is required in the case of both parents being US citizens and having the child overseas. Along with the affidavit, a foreign birth certificate and a marriage license must also be provided at the same time.

Adopted Children

When it comes to an adopted child that has not yet reached the age of 18, the guardian or parent will need to accompany them. All parties must be US citizens in order to proceed with obtaining their cards and the parent/guardian must have full custody of the child. All adoption proceedings must be final as well or the process will not be completed.

US passport application requirements are set in place for a reason and that is to protect citizens of the United States. Travelling around the world in modern times has become a lot more dangerous than it was in previous years. So if a person is going to travel, making sure to keep money and documentation in a super secure area at all times is the best practice.

Passports And Sex Offenders – Should They Be Allowed To Get Them?

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Passports have become increasingly prominent in the news, especially regarding those who can and cannot receive passports. Should those convicted of particular crimes be prevented from traveling out of the country? One of the leading examples of this case is the recent issuance of US passports to sex offenders. In the year 2008, of the 16 million passports issued, 4,500 were given to sex offenders. How do you feel about sex offenders getting a United States of America fast passport?

First, it’s important to understand the definition of, “sex offender.” This is an incredibly broad term that covers many different degrees and types of criminal activity. Everything from the guy who relieved himself outside of a bar caught for indecent exposure to convicted pedophiles and rapists is covered by this phrase. The United States Department of State grants passports to any of these cases, except for those specifically guitly of sex tourism. While it seems unfair to tag the indecent exposure case with the same title as the cases involving sexual abuse of children, some say it’s difficult to draw the line.

Many people feel differently about this issue. Some people feel that if criminals want to leave the country, let them. If they get caught oversees committing a crime, then let them learn their lesson in another country where punishments may be harsher and longer. Whether it’s in a country that has similar legal procedures to ours or whether it’s a less developed country where people are dying everyday in the jails, they’ve earned their punishment.

Another viewpoint is this: if a criminal is caught, convicted, and put in jail for a certain amount of time, they have paid their debt to society once they are released. Whether it’s a guy who spent a night in jail for dropping his trousers on the side of the road or someone who has spent fifty years behind bars for a sex crime, the people behind this view believe that they shouldn’t be further ostracized from their rights as American citizens by being denied passports. They believe that while a criminal conviction can potentially keep them from getting a job or a place to live, they shouldn’t be denied access to the world.

One important detail to note is that there are very few restrictions on those who can get passports. For one, those lacking the proper United States passport requirements can’t, those who owe a certain amount of child support money can’t, and drug traffickers, sex tourists, and the imprisoned can’t. However, this excludes those who have been released from jail, and this group of people can possibly include murderers, thieves, and other perpetrators.

How do you feel about ex-cons traveling internationally? Whether you believe stricter rules need to be placed concerning passports, or if you believe that the rules need to be loosened, there is much discrepancy surrounding the issue. How do you feel about the current United States passport requirements? Should anyone be allowed to at least apply for a United States of America passport?