Stop Wondering How Long Does It Take To Get Your Passport

Anyone who is hoping to travel outside their own country will need a valid passport. It is generally a good idea to try and implement the procedures for obtaining one as soon as possible. This will involve filling out an application form. You will also be required to provide identification that can be verified,along with documents to indicate nationality. Read on and stop wondering how long does it take to get your passport.


There are certain types of identification that are acceptable. A current driving license can be used. Passports that have already been issued but are out of date will also be accepted. If you have some form of identification that has been certified by the government, you can submit this as proof of your identity.

Application Forms

All application forms need to be correctly and legibly filled out. They should be accompanied by two photographs. These need to be recent. They should have been taken within a six-month time frame previous to making the application. They also need to be two inches square in size.


If you are making your application by post, you can expect to wait longer for issue. If you are not in a hurry, this should not pose any problems for you. Generally, the time taken to do this will be between five to six weeks.

Other Options

There are other options if you do not have time to wait. An expediting service exists and can be used to get this document quicker. Going down this route means that there will be extra costs that will be added on. An issue can then happen in around two weeks.

Shipping Costs

Additionally, there will be shipping costs to be paid for a quicker issue. These are added on to compensate for the services that are used to get passports in a hurry. These charges do increase the total cost of issue quite significantly.

Processing Times

There are certain factors that must be taken into consideration when trying to estimate processing times. The main factor is the time of year. Seasonal travel is a time when there are more applications going in. Holiday periods mean that more people are travelling. In cases where there are many applications, eight weeks may have to pass before you get your travel document. This is in respect of mailed applications. When using an expediting service, expect a turnaround of anything from a few days to a week on top of normal processing times.

It is possible to obtain a passport in one day. This involves arriving at an office of issue, making an application and waiting for it to be issued. You can stop wondering and asking yourself how long does it take to get your passport by following one simple rule of thumb. It depends on how soon you want it. If you are willing to pay extra and up into hundreds of dollars, it is possible to have it in one day. It is also useful to bear in mind that time frames are estimates, and nothing can be guaranteed. At least now you will know what to do if you experience a stolen passport.

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