Spring Break 2012 – Acapulco

With Spring Break 2012 right around the corner each destination looks better than the next. From Cancun to Puerto Valhalla there are so many options, but how about Acapulco. Acapulco is one of the top ten spring break destinations.  A trip to Acapulco is quite feasible, as long as your passport is valid, be sure to check it ahead of time so you don’t need to get an overnight passport the night before your trip.


Mexico, although in the past did not require a passport, does now. It requires a passport or passport card. Passports allow for an individual to travel internationally and enter foreign countries as well as return to their country of origin. Without them international traveling is prohibited. Passports used to be somewhat difficult to obtain; now due to technology and the computers they are easily applied for and received.

Expediting Passports

Most people are unaware that passports can actually be obtained rather quickly. It all depends on the reasons and how much an individual is willing to pay. By providing a copy of travel itinerary a passport can be expedited. Depending on the region in which the passport is being applied for an overnight passport is even an option. However, this requires going through a private company, so in addition to the government fee for passports, you will incur a high expedition fee.


Acapulco is Mexico’s oldest tourist destination. It features lushes beaches and is mostly known for its nightlife. Every year hundreds of thousands of American teens and young adults venture to Acapulco for Spring Break.

Celebrities And Acapulco

In the 1950’s the small quaint city port of Acapulco was inundated with celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Sinatra, and Brigitte Bardot, and many others. The former sing Musician even owned a hotel there and was referred to as “mister Acapulco”.  The Prince of Wales also visited Acapulco and suggested it to his elite friends in Europe so it became a popular vacation spot for Europeans as well.

Night Life

Spring breakers frequent Acapulco because the city is known for its nightlife. There are many nightclubs and beach cars that attract young tourists. The drinking age in Mexico is also 18 which is another reason why college students flock to Acapulco.

Other Attractions

There is more in Acapulco than just the young adult scene. Cliff diving and bungee jumping are huge attractions. Fishing is also quite popular. Sailfish in particular are abundant in the area and many fishing tours offer a free trip if no Sailfish are caught. There is definitely something for every in Acapulco from the night life to sunbathing and everything in between.

In order to plan your trip to Acapulco you need to make sure your passport is in order. This means ensuring that your passport is still valid and that all other important passport needs have been taken care of. Do not wait until that last minute and have to relay on overnight passport services to make your trip on time. Plan ahead and enjoy your spring break in Acapulco.

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