Singapore – A Melting Pot Of Culture

Singapore grew from humble beginnings into the trading center of the Pacific that it is today. Many different cultures combine in this one city – Chinese, Malay, Indian, Indonesian, to name a few – and the beautiful weather and great location make it a hot spot for vacationers. Simply stated, Singapore is one of the liveliest cities in the world, and visiting for yourself will prove it. Of course, in order to travel outside of the United States, you will need to acquire USA passports.

If you don’t already have a passport, there are a couple ways you can go about getting one. If you have plenty of time before your travel date – at least a few months – than you can obtain your passport by the traditional method. Head to your local United States Post Office and apply for one there. However, not everyone likes to wait for such a long and uncertain period of time. In the past few years, expedited passport services have sprung up on the internet, and they have revolutionized the passport processing business. Say you need to make an emergency trip within the next week or the next couple of days. Your urgent passport needs can be met by these sites, which can have your passport delivered in as little as 24 hours.

Singapore is split into distinct districts, each with their own very unique personalities. Riverside is referred to as the Civil District, and it’s here that you can find the traditional sorts of tourist stops: museums, restaurants, statues and other art, as well as some popular bars and clubs. Orchard Road is a district dominated by endless shopping opportunities. Marina Bay is the most recently established area of Singapore, and it features a popular casino. Chinatown and Little India are cultural centers for their respective heritage. Sentosa is popular for it’s gambling and other theme park qualities.

There is so much to see in Singapore, and this definitely includes the beautiful beaches. East Coast Park is a beach park that is nine miles long, and all sorts of recreational paths are available to use. On your trip, be sure to keep an eye out for native Singaporean flora and fauna, but should you miss out, you can either go looking for it in the wild at the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, or you can make it a little easier for yourself and head to the Singapore Zoo, the Night Safari, or the Jurong Bird Park.

Thanks to all the cultures that come and mix and Singapore, the food is absolutely worth trying. One of the best stops on a hungry person’s itinerary is Newton Circus, a food center where you can go to sample all different sorts of Asian food at any time during the day or night. Shopping is abundant, and the nightlife brings young people and clubs which are beautiful displays of neon.

There is so much to do in Singapore, and it really depends on what you want to do. Whether you want to sample various ethnic dishes, explore the tropic animal and plant life, or just lounge on the beach in the sun, Singapore has a little something for everyone. Just don’t forget your US passport, and also don’t forget about online expadited passport services. These sites take care of any urgent passport needs quickly and conveniently.

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