The Rose Red City – Petra

The rose tinted city of Petra has been classified as a must see site. It lies within Jordan and virtually unknown to the world until its discovery in 1812, it is a unique and historical site. To visit this ancient city grab your passport and hop on a plane, if you don’t have one yet, apply for one and make sure you check the box for expedite passport, this will ensure your passport arrives on time.  Petra is a trip you don’t want to miss.


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Petra is an ancient city that is named for the rose-red rocks it was carved out of. It is a historical as well as archaeological city located in Jordan. In addition to its rock cut formation it is also known for its water conduit system. The ancient city is believed to have been established around the 6thcentury B.C.E and was the capital city for the Nabataeans. It is Jordan’s most visiting tourist attraction. In 1985 it was designated as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The site was not heard of in the Western World. It wasn’t until 1812 when the Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt introduced the city describing it as “a rose-red city half as old as time”. The city became famous. UNESCO described it as one of the world’s most precious cultural properties.  Petra has a long history as archaeological evidence suggests that some settlements began around 1550-1292B.C.E. The city is referenced many times in ancient Egyptian documents such as the Amarna letters as well as ancient Hebrew texts such as the Torah. Although the city was founded relatively late, there was a sanctuary that predates it’s founding. Ancient scholars and writers, such as Pliny the Elder also described this ancient city and recounted its beauty and geography.

Visiting Petra

Petra is an archaeological park which makes it a bit more expensive than other Jordanian attractions; however it is definitely worth it. When visiting Petra guides can be hired, you can even ride a camel or donkey while touring the city. There are many sites to see when touring the ancient capital, the monastery, treasury, and Roman theatre are just some of the many ruins. In addition to the sites found within the city is The High Place of Sacrifice, which will reveal a picturesque view of Petra. As well as the Mountain of Aaron, this is the highest peak in the area and contains a church and the tomb of Aaron, the brother of Moses.

The beautiful rose-red city cut among rocks is a must see destination. It’s rich in history and archaeology as well as religious lore. To view this ancient city be sure to look for expedite passport options in order to get your passport in time. You don’t want to miss this destination, a trip to ancient Petra.

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