How To Do US Passport Renewal For Minor

A passport is key to international travel, the issuance of which not only controls the exit of a person from his or her native country but also the return. Hence, holding a passport is very much essential for any citizen of any country, be it a minor or an adult, for moving overseas. However the application as well as the application process of a US passport renewal for minor and adults in U. S. is a little bit different.

Minor refers to a person under a certain age which demarcates childhood from adulthood. In the U. S. though, the age of majority is set by its individual states. Minor usually refers to someone under the age of 18 and an infant or child under age 18 must also have a travel document like adults to travel outside the U. S.

However, the document application and renewal process for minors under the age of 16 differs from those of ages 16 and 17. Unlike adults, children under 16 get their passport expired within 5 years and must be renewed in person. Minors of this group below 16 go through the entire new document application process when their documents expire. This is explained below.

Minors below the age of 16 must apply in person with both parents or legal guardians. He or she must submit the U. S. Passport application form DS-11 to the authorized acceptance agent and sign it in front of the agent. In case only one of the parents or guardians can attend, the other parent must fill out a notarized consent form DS-3053. This form is to be submitted in person along with the filled in DS-11 form to the acceptance agent. A proof of Citizenship and a proof of relationship between the parents or guardian with the child must also be submitted along with the DS-11 form.

One can submit a previously issued passport or a certified birth certificate or naturalization certificate as proof of citizenship. In order to prove the relationship between the minor and parent or guardian, you can submit the minors certified birth certificate with both parents’ names on it or a court order establishing guardianship.

The travel ID renewal process for U. S minors below 16 is complemented by an application fee. This is required for new applications which cost around 80 dollars. You must also provide two recent photos taken less than six months ago with a plain white background.

In case the applicant’s name has changed, the parents must provide the relevant documents which justify the change of name. An identity of the parents or guardian must also be provided along with the application form. This can be a drivers’ license or a military ID or a valid passport. The Social Security number must also be provided along with the form.

If every U. S. Citizen follows the above mentioned instructions, then minor passports can easily be renewed. It is always preferable to apply for expedited passports for minors as soon as the previous one expires. This helps to make sudden trips abroad along with your kids without spending your last few weeks filling out forms before going on vacation.

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