What To Do In Paris, France

Seine River, Paris

Located along the Seine River in northern France, Paris is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. It is home to breathtaking scenery, incredible cuisine and historical monuments. Anyone who is thinking about taking an international vacation would be wise to consider Paris as a potential destination. However, it is critical to remember that you will need a valid United States passport to be eligible for international travel. If you have lost your passport you will need to get a passport replacement before you will be allowed to travel overseas.


Paris is one of the most heavily populated cities in all of Europe. From about the 16th century until the early 19th century, in fact, Paris was the largest city in the entire World. Currently, it is a tourist destination that has many incredible things to see and do. It is a mecca for international business and commerce. Also, Paris is commonly referred to around the world as “The City of Light”. Some of the famous landmarks in Paris include the Notre Dame cathedral, the Arc de Triomphe and, of course, the Eiffel Tower.


Paris is known as having some of the most interesting and well-reviewed cuisine in the world. There are many dining experiences to be had in Paris that will leave you speechless. Many of the hotels and resorts in Paris feature five star dining to its guests. If you consider yourself to be a connoisseur of fine foods than you will truly love Paris. Its culinary reputation is better than any other country in the World. Again, if you are going to be in Paris, France, consider stopping and sampling some of the famous local cuisine.

Famous Buildings

Most of the architecture featured in Paris is very old and has been standing since the 19th century. This gives the city a unique and historical feel to it when you are walking around. Some of the famous architectural structures located in Paris, France include the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomph. Also, the Louvre is a very famous art museum that in and of itself is a beautiful structure.


In addition to having many beautiful buildings and structures, Paris is known to have some of the most pristine parks and gardens anywhere in Europe. Two of the most famous gardens in Paris are called the Tuileries Garden and the Left bank Garden. Both are located on the beautiful banks of the Seine River. The city boasts gorgeous parks and gardens all throughout the city. Others include the Parc Monceau and Bois de Vincennes.

Once again, if you are considering a trip to Europe, you have to stop and visit Paris, France. There are too many wonderful things to see and do in Paris for you to pass up. If you are going to be traveling outside the United States, however, you are going to need a valid passport. If you need a passport replacement you have to fill out the proper forms and receive it before you will be allowed to travel internationally. Traveling to Paris, France will be an experience you will never forget and you will leave “The City of Lights” with many wonderful memories that you will cherish forever.

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