How to Obtain a Passport Renewal

Automation has caused passport renewal to be easier than ever. Passports have a long shelf life and are valid for ten years. After expiration, there are a variety of different tracks that all lead to getting a new passport. Obtaining a renewed passport can be completed in person at an agency, by mail, or even over the Internet.

For any avenue, the government will also need to be provided with a few documents before a new passport is issued. When trying to get a new passport by mail or over the Internet, the old and undamaged passport is required. This can only occur if the original passport was issued to a person who was sixteen or older when issued. The person must have the same name as appears on the original.

Passports are valid for ten years and incur a sixty dollar renewal fee if the passport was issued in the last fifteen years. After fifteen years passes by a person must reapply from scratch in order to obtain a new passport. All original fees will be charged for processing the new document. At the moment these fees can cost upwards of one hundred and twenty dollars.

Trying to get a passport renewed can be completed over the Internet. This can only occur if the address the new passport is being mailed is inside the United States or Canada. Trying to renew a passport abroad can only happen in person at the U.S. Embassy or consulate in that country. In all cases, domestic and abroad, special circumstances can affect the timeliness of receiving a passport.

In cases of emergency, the U.S. government will expediently send a new passport to someone trying to renew them. These special circumstances include a life and death situation, needing a passport immediately for travel, or to obtain a work visa if one is employed by a company in another country. Expediting this process may have addition processing fees attached.

All cases of passport renewal require a form called the DS-82 to be completed and submitted to a passport agency before a renewed passport can be sent. Revalidating a passport requires that all information be current and up to date. Address change is one reason why a passport must be renewed before the ten year period expires.

In cases of damaged passports, someone seeking renewal must personally go to the passport agency to obtain a renewed passport. They will be asked to provide the old damaged passport and other identification papers to prove identity. These documents include birth certificate, social security card, and driver’s licenses. Renewal fees, however, will remain the same as long as it’s in the time confines.

Passport renewal is an easy process that can be completed by going to a passport agency in person, by mail, or over the Internet. However, the mail and Internet method require mailing documents to the government. Passports must be renewed every fifteen years or one face’s higher costs in obtaining a new one. Expiration, address change, or damage are all causes why a passport needs to be renewed.

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