How Long Does It Take To Get A Passport

If you have to travel in a hurry and do not have the documents you need, you may be wondering how long does it take to get a passport. The answer to this question varies. It depends on several things. The time of year when you apply will be one factor in the equation. The amount of money that you can afford to spend is another consideration. Finally, the way that you go about getting your passport will also play a part.


Due to the fact that most people travel at specific times of the year, agencies that deal with the issue of this document can be inundated with applications at specific times. Holidays and periods were everyone is off from their work is one such period. If you make an application at this time, it will take longer for the procedure to be completed.


As a general guide, issuing agencies tend to stipulate a period of six weeks if an application is made by post. At peak periods, an estimate of processing time will go up to eight weeks. Should there be problems with your application, this period of time will increase up to ten weeks.


There are several ways to ensure your application gets processed quickly. Making sure that it is filled out properly is one small and overlooked step. With many forms to process, it makes sense that the ones that are clearly laid out and easily read will get through any system quicker.


Ensuring you have the correct documents that are needed will also eliminate any wait. You need to provide evidence of identity. Additionally, an official document confirming which country you were born in will be required.

Expedited Services

If you are looking to be supplied with a passport in a hurry, you can have it in a period of one day to two weeks. Expediting services now exist for those who are in dire need of their documentation to travel. The cost of this service will rise up into hundreds of dollars. Bear in mind that the sooner you want it, the more you will have to pay.

Proper Forms

Going to an office that is local to you could be one of the most time efficient means to get what you want in a hurry. You can fill out all forms on the day. If you have your photos with you and all other relevant paperwork that is required, you could walk away with what you need by the end of the day.

So know you know the answer to the inquiry how long does it take to get a passport. Using the Internet to apply online is also possible. This method allows you to scan in any official papers. Payment can also be taken for the service that you are using via online payment mechanisms. This method will give you what you want again in a time period spanning twenty-four hours to a couple of days. Extra fees will be applied. You can help your case along if you can show evidence that you need a passport quickly don’t forget to ask about the renewing passport process.

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