How To Get An Emergency Passport

For people who are planning business travel within the next ten days or for those who have lost their identification and have an immediate need, emergency passport service is, thankfully, available. Also known as limited-validity passports, they can be valid for a time span of up to one year. They are typically valid only for the duration of travel plus a few extra days in the event a slight extension is needed. They cannot be extended beyond one year and visa pages can not be added.

In Case Of An Emergency…

Most people using this service are those who find themselves out of the country, for either business or pleasure, and have either lost their documents or find themselves the victim of theft. In such cases, an emergency application can be made in person at the nearest United States Embassy. Since the nature of these requests is generally immediate, applications are generally processes in just a few hours. It may also be wise to report the loss or theft to the local authorities. This report may be required when applying for emergency documentation.

The Fees Involved

Of course there are fees involved, however the fee is no different than that assessed when applying for a normal passport. The fee for replacing limited-validity documentation with full-validity credentials can be avoided if the applicant submits the request prior to the expiration of the emergency documentation once returning home. If the emergency document has expired, the full fee will be assessed for new papers.

You Must Apply In Person If…

Citizens who reside outside the United States can apply for their passport through the US Embassy in the country where they live. Those residing inside the United States can fill out the proper form and mail the document in for processing. Remember emergency passports must be applied for in person. There are currently no exceptions to this rule.

The Documentation Required

In some cases, documentation will be required. One of several documents is considered to be appropriate. Included in this list are previous US passports, certified birth certificates, naturalization certificates or certificates of citizenship. There are other forms of documentation that can be submitted when these documents cannot be obtained.

Secondary documentation can include baptismal certificates, hospital birth certificates, census records, and even early school records. There are others as well, however these must be accompanied by either a birth record or letter of no record. The requirements for minors under fourteen years of age must include the names of both parents.

Third Party Services

There are third party passport expediting services available as well. Many of these offer the ability to obtain a passport in as little as twenty-four hours. Expenses for these services can vary so it may be wise to compare prices whenever possible.

No Need To Worry!

A lost or stolen passport can present a potential or weary traveler with plenty of anxiety, however there are emergency passport services in place to help a person obtain the documentation they need. There are rules in place that must be followed carefully, however they allow for quick processing when time is of the essence. While fees are involved, it can be hard to put a price on needed documentation, and remember that full-validity passports can be recovered at no added expense when applied for as directed once returning home. You may just need to renew a passport.

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