Climbing The Matterhorn Peaks Of Zermatt, Switzerland

When it comes to unique climbing experiences in Europe one of the most enchanting is that of the Matterhorn Peak located in Zermatt, Switzerland. This is one of the most famous mountain peaks in the world; they soar over the border between Italy and Switzerland. The bottom of this peak features a very unique layout that resembles the four points of a compass. This climb is for series climbers only. So grab your US passport and head to the great peaks of Zermatt, you may want to look into add pages to passport services in case you’d like to venture to Italy as well. Be sure to bring your hiking gear and enjoy the Matterhorn.


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Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt is a municipality located at the foot of the highest peak in the Alps. It has a primarily German speaking population of 5,800. It is about 6 miles from the Theodul Pass which borders Italy. This village is known as a mountaineering and ski resort for the Swiss Alps. Zermatt was founded as a tourist industry around 1865 following the first ascent of Matterhorn. Now it is primarily a tourist village that features many hotels and resorts and over half of the apartments are vacation apartments. It is a beautiful village to visit and offers much in the areas of skiing, hiking, and mountain climbing.


The Matterhorn is one of the highest peaks within the Alps. It has a summit of 4,478. The four steep faces that rise above the nearby glaciers actually face the four points of a compass. The Matterhorn peak was one of the last great peaks of the Alpine to be climbed. The first ascent of this peak marked the end of the ‘golden age of alpinism’. Its first ascent was successful yet tragic. A party led by Edward Whymper a professor made it to the top before a rivalling Italian crew. However, upon descent four members of the party fell to their deaths.  Although beautiful and enticing, the Matterhorn is one of the deadliest peaks within the Alps. From 1865, its’ first ascent, to 1995 upwards of 500 alpinists perished while attempting a climb or descent. This is why only experienced climbers should attempt this peak.

Visiting Zermatt

In addition to climbing the famous peak, or maybe only climbing some of it, there are many other activities when visiting Zermatt. Many of the resorts offer mountaineering activities as well as skiing, and there are great lifts available that let you see the entire village. In addition, there is also the Matterhorn Museum. In addition to the Matterhorn Museum, there are some petroglyphs and an ancient prehistoric grinding stone that are located nearby that are listed as one of the Swiss heritage sites of national significance.

The Matterhorn peak of Zermatt, Switzerland is a beautiful yet deadly peak and is only meant for the most advantageous climber. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t other great activities when visiting Zermatt. So go ahead grab your US passport and make sure you look into add pages to passport services if you want to venture into Italy as well. Once your passport is in order you can then venture to the must see peak of Zermatt.

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