Changing A Name On Your Passport

There are many reasons that someone may want to change their name on their passport. Perhaps they got married and want to put their married name. In other cases, maybe there was a divorce and all their IDs went back to their maiden name, so therefore the passport should too. Whatever the case may be the changing name on passport procedures are fairly easy and hassle free.


Passports are very important documents. They allow for an individual to travel out of the United States and then re-enter the United States. They act as identification and as permission to travel. They are essential documents for anyone interested in international travel. In order to obtain a passport one must provide proper identification, recent passport photos that comply with requirements as well as a statement verifying origin of birth, such as a birth certificate.


Children used to be able to travel on their parent’s passports, however that has since changed. Now due to stricter traveling laws for children all kids are required to have a passport. This goes for infants as well; any human traveling must have a passport.

Changing Name On Passport

To change a name on a passport there are a few documents that must be filled out. The DS-5504 form is the necessary form to change a name on a passport as well as correcting any misprinted data. However this form can only be used if the passport was issued less than a year ago.


Along with the DS-5504 you will need to attach your valid U.S. passport. You will also need to submit evidence that supports the name change that is requested, such as a marriage licence. In addition to these materials if the passport was submitted over ninety days ago you will need to attach one passport photo.  However, this process will only work if your passport was issued less than a year ago.

Application Process

These forms can be filled out online as well as be mailed. You can also apply in person at a passport agency. If mailing, it is recommended that the documents be mailed by a traceable method and a secure envelope be used. It is important to leave enough time to get the name change when it is required. If you realized too soon to your actual travel date, you can get an expedited passport name change. This will add to the total cost of the name change for your passport, but it will also get it to you faster.

Passports are very important documents; because they act as a form of ID it is important that they be up to date and valid. This is why it’s necessary to report a name change so you can go through the procedure for changing name on passport. There are many routes to choose from when getting your passport up to date, and although going through a private agency is stress free, it will also cost a bit more up front. So be sure to research all your options when it comes to updating your passport.

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