How To Get A Baby Passport

International travelers, regardless of age, are required to have documentation that is proof of their residency and nationality. When obtaining a baby passport, both parents or legal guardians and the baby must be in attendance at the time the application is made. There are several steps involved with applying for and getting an international travel document for an infant.

US Citizenship

It is imperative to first gather documentation supporting the U. S. Citizenship of the infant. Primary documents only are to be used. Primary documentation includes a certificate of birth that is certified or a foreign birth certificate. In addition, documentation that establishes the parental relationship between the baby and both parents is needed. Be sure to choose documents that list both parents’ names.

Parents ID

Make certain that both parents have certified proof of their identification. Government issued identification like a driver license, U. S. Passport, a military ID or naturalization papers can be used. You may also want to have proof of your Social Security number. Always make copies of the original documents on standard size white paper.


You will need to complete an international travel document application for the child. The form can be filled out online and printed out or you can print a blank form and complete it by hand with black ink. Make sure that you do not sign the completed form since it is mandatory that the form be signed at the Passport Acceptance Facility in front of an officer.


Two identical pictures for the travel document and the fee for the credential will be included with the application. The head and hands of the baby must be uncovered and visible in the picture. Next, you will need to identify the Acceptance Facility nearest you where you will submit all the necessary papers. You can use the Internet to locate a Passport Acceptance Facility in your area. You may also want to check with your local library, county office or post office to find an authorized office.

If Parents Absent

In the event that only one parent can appear when the application is submitted, make sure to obtain a notarized statement of the absent parents consent. A completed Statement of Consent or Special Circumstances must be completed, signed and notarized by the parent not able to be present. The notarized form must accompany the application for the travel document, proof of citizenship of the infant, original identification proof and all other required documentation is then taken to a Passport Acceptance Facility.

Time It Takes

Finally, you will need to allow up to six weeks for the travel document to be processed and approved. If you need the document sooner, a US passport expedite application will take only two to three weeks to process. Check to see if there are additional fees for expediting the application.

Gathering all the information on applying for a baby passport will help make the process easier. Having all the required documentation before completing the application will save time. Although your child will change over the life of the travel document, the photo does not need to be updated before renewal of the document.

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