Applying For A United State Passport Card

The purpose of a Passport Card is to allow individuals to enter into the United States of America via land border crossings such as Canada, Mexico and sea points of entry. The document is convenient to obtain and does not cost as much as the passport book. United States citizens are able to proceed with application for this document.

International Travel

Individuals must remember that one will not be able to travel by international air with this document. This particular legal item will fulfill all border travel requirements and is provided in a less bulky format than that of regular passports. The purpose of these cards is to provide proof of identity and U. S. Citizenship.


For first time applicants, individuals are required to apply in person by visiting legal authorities when it is the first time that one is applying for the document. It should be issued for those who are under sixteen years of age or if the previous legal item was issued when the individual was sixteen. This document should be applied for in instances where it has been lost, stolen or damaged.


One is required to apply for a new document if it was issued more than fifteen years ago or where you were unable to legally document your name change. During the application process one must remember that special requirements are necessary for minors between sixteen and seventeen years of age. Adults who need to apply for a new item have to complete and submit forms in person.

Online Process

All United States citizens possess the legal right to apply for the U. S. Passport Card where application processes may be completed online using the DS-11 form. During this procedure, application forms must not be signed before instructed to do so by an Acceptance Agent. Should one not be able to provide proof of social security will result in an increase in processing time or the denial of approving the application.


When visiting an Acceptance Facility or Passport Agency for application procedures, one must provide evidence for proof of U. S citizenship submitted with form DS-11. When all documents are submitted as evidence for citizenship, it will be returned to the applicant via mail delivery together with the newly issued document. The primary source of evidence that is required for application processes is a certified birth certificate or previous passport documentation.

Place Specific

You should apply for this legal document if you have made travel arrangements on short notice to destinations such as the Caribbean, Canada or Mexico. Once the specific item as been obtained, individuals will be allowed to travel to land and sea border destinations without having to apply for a visa. The purposes of the document include proof of legal age for purchasing alcohol or tobacco and proof of identification when traveling by air within the United States.

The United States Passport Card is available to all American citizens and is a less expensive option when traveling to Canada, Mexico, Bermuda or the Caribbean. State of the art features are included in the card to protect against forgery and counterfeiting . It may be faster to apply for a passport card if you find your passport lost. For information pertaining to specific applicant procedures consult with local authorities.

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