How To Apply For A USA Passport If You’re Under 18

Since anyone age 16 to 17 years old is still considered to be a minor, they need to meet special requirements when applying for passports. These requirements should be accomplished on top of the regular passport requirements that applicants of every age should submit. If you’re a passport applicant who’s 16 to 17 years old, let us show you how to  deal with lost passport replacement.

Special Requirements

First, let’s talk about the special requirements that 16-17-year-old passport applicants need to submit. These special requirements are those that establish the identity of your parents or guardians. For this reason, they are required to submit their ID, a photocopy of the ID, and a written parental consent.

Routine Requirements

After dealing with these requirements, let’s now move on to the routine requirements that you need to submit. For first-time expedited passport service applicants, the Form DS-11 is what you’ll need to fill in. Aside from first time applicants, this is also the same form used by those who were under 16 when they were issued their last passport, or those whose passports were issued more than 15 years ago.

DS-11 Information

Remember when filling in your DS-11 not to sign the form first. Wait until you are told to do so when you finally visit the passport agency or acceptance facility. Also, it is worth noting that since this is a first-time application, you will have to submit the DS-11 along with the other requirements in person at the passport office.

Citizenship Proof

You will also be required to submit a proof of your citizenship. You may use any of the following documents to prove your citizenship: your last passport, your certified birth certificate, a consular report on your birth if you were born abroad, a naturalization certificate or a certificate of citizenship. After your passport has been processed, the document you submitted will be returned to you.

Identity Proof

You will then be required to present a proof of your identity. First, you will need to present your ID once you go to the passport office for your personal appearance. Also, you will have to present a photocopy of that ID. Rules for photocopies of your ID are strict so make sure you comply.

Passport Photos

Two passport photos are also needed for your application. Make sure they are color photos, and that they follow all the specifications set by the passport office. Once you have all these requirements ready, you will be asked to pay the applicable fee for your application.

Minor Passport

There you have it, all the basic things you need to know about how to apply for a pass port if you’re 16-17 years old through the passport office. These United States passport guidelines are up to date and very specific, so make sure you understand them and follow them to the letter. You’ll save yourself time if you have everything ready before submitting the application.

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